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A friend in me

Sometimes in life, you find a special friend;

Someone who changes your life just by being part of it.

Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop;

Someone who makes you believe that there is good in the world.

Someone who convinces you that there really is an unlocked door just waiting for you to open it.

– Unknown

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Fitz & Red O'Malley-Zibluk

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Red comes out and we support him

I am Red O’Malley-Zibluk and I approve of this message.

I am Alan Zibluk, and I support my guy.  He has the kindest soul.

I am Fitz O’Malley-Zibluk.  I continue to look up and support by big brother.


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Fitz & Red O'Malley-Zibluk

The Cats' Tales –

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Use emojis in your text to improve your effectiveness

Why Should You Use emojis in Your LinkedIn Messaging?

Here is a quick recommendation. Why should you use emojis in your LinkedIn messaging?


1) No one else is doing it, so it makes you stand out from the crowd

2) It helps to personalize your messages, like a mobile text message.

3) It shows a lighter and friendlier side to doing business.

For men on LinkedIn, I use the thumbs up emoji, and for women, I use the smiley face. It just seems better to me to differentiate like that. I think messages seem more friendly using emojis, but no one it seems has discovered this.

I have never received a message on LinkedIn using an emoji, but when I send out a message with an emoji, I often get a response with an emoji. This shows me that people are kind of digging it on LinkedIn. If people like it on a business network, they probably will like in on other social networks as well that allow messaging with emojis.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?



Please let me know

John Lombaerde

What is the Purpose of the Markethive News Feed


What is the purpose of the Markethive News Feed?  Let me get philosophical for one minute. This is the way I look at it.  

The Markethive News Feed should be used:

To inspire, To uplift, To encourage, To bring joy, To inform, To educate, and To promote. 

If you only focus on promotion, promotion, promotion, you will not find many friends here and may actually lose more friends than you gain.  
If instead, you focus on the first six items, and only after that on the seventh, (promotion), you will gain many friends and everyone will 
be happy to read your promotional post when it comes along.  What do you think of this News Feed philosophy?  Please let me know.




John Lombaerde


To podcast or not to podcast – that is the question

To podcast or not to podcast – that is the question

Now I am writing this post, fully aware that I have told myself a hundred times that I need to start podcasting, but I have yet to get the ball off the ground on this.  I even have a podcasting group here on Markethive with suggestions on how to start a podcast, and I even have purchased books on the subject. 

Here is my group, btw.

What is the reason?  It is not for lack of content.  I have plenty of blogs here on Markethive I could use for podcasting, so lack of content is not the issue. I could say that I am not ready to put up a companion website to go along with the podcast. I guess that is partially true because it is very helpful to have that along with a podcast.

Is it a lack of fancy audio equipment? No, because although it might be nice to have, it is really not necessary to start out. You can get started with the most basic microphone and headphones and get more "techy" later on.

Pure and simple, I confess it is simply due to a lack of initiative. That is a polite way to say it is due to laziness.  Yes, I admit it.  Maybe with that confession, I will come closer to getting it off the ground. 


In any case, I would like to make the following comments about the state of podcasting.  Today, 9/16/202 Amazon announced that you can now find podcasts on Amazon Music. 

This is a good move, since I think every streaming music service should have podcasts as part of their offering.  Even Pandora has podcasts for goodness sake. Apple Music is one of the few streaming services that still separates the two. Come on Apple, let's get with the program and stop doing things your own way.  Well that is kind of their motto after all, right?  Who should be surprised?

Okay, I will take a vote.  Who thinks I should start at least a weekly podcast?  If I get enough votes, I may just breakdown and go ahead with it.

Thanking you in advance for your support.


John Lombaerde

Markethive Entrepreneur


LinkedIn Marketing Using Groups

LinkedIn Marketing using Groups

Did you ever wonder how the groups on a social network like LinkedIn get so large? How do groups with thousands of members get so big? The simple answer I have found is that they grow slowly by 10 or 20 members a day over a period of time. After only a year of growing at this rate you could have 3k, 4k or even 5k members in your group.

I have a group on LinkedIn that is well on its way to nearly 1,000 members that is growing every day. (I only started promoting the group about 4 months ago). A consistent percentage of those members have become Markethive associates. Especially those of you who are Entrepreneur One, do you realize what the income potential is if you gain hundreds of new associates? There is no better time than now in advance of the release of the Markethive wallet to gain new associates. Visit the following links to find out how to do this on a regular basis. You are also welcome to message me and set up a Skype call.


DiffChecker – Easily Compare Docs PDFs Images and Text Files


Here's to saving time and increasing productivity!

Ever had to read through multiple revisions of the same document? Well, that's exactly what happened to me recently. I had to read multiple drafts of an agreement and this tool by the folks at came in REALLY HANDY.

You can compare text, images, PDF files and even folders. 

They have a free online version (this is what I used) as well as a desktop app trial available.


Melody Christie

A new way to analyze and then dominate your competition

A New Way to Analyze and then Dominate Your Competition

(you will get massive results from this method and explode your business)


Regardless of whether you are just starting out in your chosen niche, or whether you have an established business, it is always important to be aware of your competitors. By doing a bit of research on your competition you can gain an advantage than can propel your business to greater success.  In the second half of this post, I am going to blow you away by showing you a method you can literally copy the social media following of your competitors. Could that give you a competitive edge? You can be sure that it would! Make sure you read this post all the way to the end, so you don't miss this revolutionary marketing method.

I highly advise it to gain a better perspective on your business, especially where you would like to be and where you would like to go in the not too distant future.

I am currently in an online business selling thousands of different products. How do I find new products to sell?  I merely look at the products that my competitors who are currently more successful than my company is and copy their product listings.  After all, they have already done research on those products. Unless they have worked out some kind of exclusive relationship with the vendor, (which is usually not the case), they should be available for resale. It is really a fairly simple formula. I don't pick the top dogs, they are too difficult to compete with. I pick companies that are only slightly more successful than my company. That is the trick. These companies will have lower hanging fruit that will allow me to easily piggy-back on their success.

Your business may have nothing to do with products. You may be selling a service of some kind. It really does not matter. The process of competitive research is basically the same. 

Now if you follow the advice of the so-called "experts", these are some of the things they will recommend.

1) Identify your competitors – 

  • Direct competition—These businesses offer the same products and services to the same clients within the same territory as your business.
  • Secondary or indirect competition¯Businesses that offer slightly different products and services or target a different clientele within the same territory.
  • Substitute competition—Businesses that offer different products and services to the same clients in the same territory.

2. Gather information about your main competitors.  Pricing, branding, marketing, etc.

3. Analyze the competition’s strengths and weaknesses

4. Identify your competitive advantage

5. Analyze their social media presence using tools such as Sprout Social, Planx, Social Blade, SEMrush, Blade, Ahrefs, Mozbar. Buzzsumo, Similarweb, or Feedly

6. Investigate their customer acquisition approach

7. What is their USP – Unique Selling Proposition?

There are many more recommendations as well.  There is nothing wrong with these methods, but as you can imagine, they will certainly take time.

Who has the time to do all this research as a solo-entrepreneur?  Unless your company is big enough to have a staff to do this research, it will be very difficult to accomplish this.  Even with a small staff, it may take you more than one week to complete all of this detailed research. You will then have to consolidate all that information and realign your business strategy to be more competitive will you new-found knowledge.

I am not saying do not use these methods.  What I am saying is to use the method I have outlined below to accelerate your current business to the point where you are considerably more successful then you are now, and then revisit these recommendations.  It may take you a month, or it may take you six months.  I have no way of knowing. There are way too many factors for me to make any kind of prediction, I just know that you will become successful using the method I outline below.

As I said previously, I have a better way. This is a major shortcut to competition analysis and vastly more effective than the time-consuming traditional methods I covered above.

As you are probably well aware, it is almost certain that you have many competitors in your particular niche. Some may be highly successful, some perhaps only moderately successful, but if they have been in business for a while, they all have customers, and we would like to directly target their customers.

Not all of their social media followers will be customers, but many of them will be.  It is their Instagram and Twitter followers we would like to target, and to a lesser extent their LinkedIn 1st level connections as well.

This is how it works.

1) Download the free version of Success Spy which I have made available for you. Note:  this free version will be available very soon – stay in touch.

2) Go to LinkedIn and search for people in your niche.  For example, if your niche is business coaches, you want to search your 1st level connections for "business coach".  This is how you do it. You first click on the tab – My Network, then type business coach into the search bar, then click on Connections, and choose only your 1st level connections, then apply.

You will probably see hundreds of business coaches listed in the search results. In my case, I have 1800 results because I have a very large network of 15,000 first-level connections.  If you do not have enough results from this search, I can help you.  I will send you profile names and LinkedIn profile addresses in your target group, and you can send them a connection request.  Most people are quite open to connecting on Linkedin.

Next, copy their LinkedIn profile address, (it is the URL at the top of the browser when you are on their profile on LinkedIn). Copy this URL to Success Spy. When you run Success Spy you will get feedback as you see on the following screenshot.

It is an analysis of all of the groups your competitor is a member of on LinkedIn.

You will need to be connected to your competitor on LinkedIn, but this is not a problem at all.  Most people will accept a connection with an attached message on LinkedIn.

Once you are connected you will need to find out their Instagram and Twitter user name.  This may be very easy to do, you may even find it on their LinkedIn profile.

You will then send me these 3 pieces of information. 

1) Their LinkedIn profile URL  – mine is

2) Their Twitter handle  – their twitter URL – mine is

3) Their Instagram username – mine is

I will then collect all of their social media followers on LinkedIn, (up to 500), on Twitter, (unlimited), and Instagram, (unlimited)

I will send you this list, you will load it into the free software I will give you and you can follow each of the followers of your competitor on both Twitter and Instagram and automatically invite all 500 of their LinkedIn 1st level connections to connect to you.

Since, of course, there is work involved to do this, I have to charge something for this service, but for now, I am only charging a penny per lead.

This means that you could get a deduped list of 10,000 followers of any of your competitors for only $ 100.00 (less if you like as well).

This is something that has never been possible before.

Here is a video that explains in a bit more detail how this works.


Please message me here on Markethive for more information.  jonlomb

You can also send me email if you like.  jonlomb@gmail



Thank you.  Best of success in all your endeavors.


John Lombaerde







The Most Amazing Marketing Software Ever

The Most Amazing Marketing Software Ever

Now if that is the title to your blog post, you better have something pretty incredible to talk about, right?

Hang with me through to the end of this post, and you will not be disappointed, I promise you.


Now you probably have heard the expression, "the money is in the list", right?  There are internet marketers who literally spend thousands of dollars in advertising, opt-in offers, SEO, and all kinds of social media marketing methods to acquire lists of potential buyers. These efforts are not in vain, they are well-honed marketing methods by some very savvy marketers if they have become successful at acquiring prospects, whatever method they use.

Bear with me for a second here, while I diverge a bit.  Do you know who your competition is?  Let's say you are a business coach, do you know who the most successful business coaches are in that market?  You can simply Google "best business coach" to find out, right?  This goes for any niche, whether you are a network marketer, an MLM person in the health market, a personal trainer, a cryptocurrency trader, or any of the myriad of niches out there, (and there are thousands). You should know this information for your own business.

Supposing you could acquire their entire social media following on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn? You could then follow everyone in their network. It is common for many people to automatically follow people who begin to follow them, right? In the case of LinkedIn, how would you like to automatically send an invitation to everyone that is a 1st level connection of one of your competitors, so that you could communicate with them and message them?

Just think about this for a minute. How valuable would that be?  It would be very valuable information would it not?

If you could do nearly instant research on one of your competitors you are connected to on LinkedIn, how valuable would the following information on them be?

Take a look at the screenshot above.  You have the titles of the kinds of people they connect with on the left. On the right, you have a list of the top 10 groups of which this particular connection, (one of your competitors), is a member.  All of the groups of which they are a member are listed on the upper right, and common groups of which you are a member are listed on the lower right.

Imagine that this is the software that would also automatically allow you to follow all of your competitor's Instagram and Twitter followers and also invite your competitors 1st level connections on LinkedIn?

Now imagine that this software is totally free?  You would probably ask me what's the catch, right?  Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch. Btw, do not pay attention to the tabs on the screenshot above, they are not part of the free version.

Ok, so here is the catch.  I am giving you this software, (called Success Spy as you can see from the screenshot above), so you will buy lists of followers and connections from me.  This means complete lists of your competitor's Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and all of their LinkedIn 1st level connections.

Now you are going to ask me how much would this list cost?  I think you know how valuable it would be to have thousands of these acquired leads.  The answer is I am willing to sell them very, very inexpensively to Markethive members. The price will start very, very, very low, and will only rise if I have trouble keeping up with the workload, but I really do not think that is going to be a problem.

If I could send you this kind of list of say 10,000 follows and connections of one of your competitors for $ 100.00 would that work for you? That is exactly one penny per lead. Of course, if you only want 1,000 of their followers and connections, it would only cost $ 10.00.  Please do not send me a request for less than 1,000 followers and connections.  Thanks. I think it would be a great idea for you to pick up this free software and give this service a whirl, even if you only spend $ 10.00 or $ 20.00 to test it out.

I can assure you that there is no one, and I mean no one anywhere that will provide this kind of information at this price.  If you find someone willing to do this for less, let me know, and your list will be free.

This software will be available very soon on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please leave your comment below if you are interested, and I will provide the link for you as soon as it is available.  Even if you do not buy acquired leads from me, the software is free for you to use in your market research as a gift from me to you.

Thanks for reading this post.  I am excited about taking this journey together.  I am very sure we can help each other to gain great prosperity.


John Lombaerde

God Bless you and God Bless Markethive – the best inbound marketing method on the Internet