To podcast or not to podcast – that is the question

To podcast or not to podcast – that is the question

Now I am writing this post, fully aware that I have told myself a hundred times that I need to start podcasting, but I have yet to get the ball off the ground on this.  I even have a podcasting group here on Markethive with suggestions on how to start a podcast, and I even have purchased books on the subject. 

Here is my group, btw.

What is the reason?  It is not for lack of content.  I have plenty of blogs here on Markethive I could use for podcasting, so lack of content is not the issue. I could say that I am not ready to put up a companion website to go along with the podcast. I guess that is partially true because it is very helpful to have that along with a podcast.

Is it a lack of fancy audio equipment? No, because although it might be nice to have, it is really not necessary to start out. You can get started with the most basic microphone and headphones and get more "techy" later on.

Pure and simple, I confess it is simply due to a lack of initiative. That is a polite way to say it is due to laziness.  Yes, I admit it.  Maybe with that confession, I will come closer to getting it off the ground. 


In any case, I would like to make the following comments about the state of podcasting.  Today, 9/16/202 Amazon announced that you can now find podcasts on Amazon Music. 

This is a good move, since I think every streaming music service should have podcasts as part of their offering.  Even Pandora has podcasts for goodness sake. Apple Music is one of the few streaming services that still separates the two. Come on Apple, let's get with the program and stop doing things your own way.  Well that is kind of their motto after all, right?  Who should be surprised?

Okay, I will take a vote.  Who thinks I should start at least a weekly podcast?  If I get enough votes, I may just breakdown and go ahead with it.

Thanking you in advance for your support.


John Lombaerde

Markethive Entrepreneur


LinkedIn Marketing Using Groups

LinkedIn Marketing using Groups

Did you ever wonder how the groups on a social network like LinkedIn get so large? How do groups with thousands of members get so big? The simple answer I have found is that they grow slowly by 10 or 20 members a day over a period of time. After only a year of growing at this rate you could have 3k, 4k or even 5k members in your group.

I have a group on LinkedIn that is well on its way to nearly 1,000 members that is growing every day. (I only started promoting the group about 4 months ago). A consistent percentage of those members have become Markethive associates. Especially those of you who are Entrepreneur One, do you realize what the income potential is if you gain hundreds of new associates? There is no better time than now in advance of the release of the Markethive wallet to gain new associates. Visit the following links to find out how to do this on a regular basis. You are also welcome to message me and set up a Skype call.