Red comes out and we support him

I am Red O’Malley-Zibluk and I approve of this message.

I am Alan Zibluk, and I support my guy.  He has the kindest soul.

I am Fitz O’Malley-Zibluk.  I continue to look up and support by big brother.


Thank you for taking the time to read our blog post.


Fitz & Red O'Malley-Zibluk

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Use emojis in your text to improve your effectiveness

Why Should You Use emojis in Your LinkedIn Messaging?

Here is a quick recommendation. Why should you use emojis in your LinkedIn messaging?


1) No one else is doing it, so it makes you stand out from the crowd

2) It helps to personalize your messages, like a mobile text message.

3) It shows a lighter and friendlier side to doing business.

For men on LinkedIn, I use the thumbs up emoji, and for women, I use the smiley face. It just seems better to me to differentiate like that. I think messages seem more friendly using emojis, but no one it seems has discovered this.

I have never received a message on LinkedIn using an emoji, but when I send out a message with an emoji, I often get a response with an emoji. This shows me that people are kind of digging it on LinkedIn. If people like it on a business network, they probably will like in on other social networks as well that allow messaging with emojis.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree?



Please let me know

John Lombaerde