Why should you market on LinkedIn?

Why should you market on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the world's largest business network with an astonishing 722 million users now in 2020. Most of the people on LinkedIn are business professionals.  Only about 1 percent of LinkedIn users post content on a weekly basis.

That means of the 9 billion impressions every week on LinkedIn, only 3 million users are taking advantage of this type of marketing.

To see additional mind-blowing statistics about LinkedIn, visit – https://kinsta.com/blog/linkedin-statistics/

Through a combination of unique content creation and repetitive posting, your reach on LinkedIn can be considerable.

The best method to reach LinkedIn subscribers is to create a group with your offer or a sales / squeeze page.  You do not need to change the post there.

You can create a post with the best original content you can come up with that you feel will interest professionals on LinkedIn. 

The best time to post on LinkedIn is between 8AM and 2PM EST on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. You can repost and change the time from Eastern to Central and then Pacific time. Always make sure your post is relevant, helpful, and informative, and include an image every time you post.  (Only post images without copyright, of course).  A creative commons license is fine. You can repost the identical content 5 times using this method, and also wait one week or more between posts to get the best exposure.

Post on Markethive as well, with a link to LinkedIn asking people to like your post on LinkedIn.

Since March of 2020, LinkedIn has revived the ability to sent at least 200 messages each day to anyone who shares a group membership with you.

You do not go through a 2-step process to invite and then send your message to them.  Of course, it is not recommended to send promotional links in your first message.

It is better to send an invitation to join a group of your own.  You merely say that you share membership in a particular group and then explain a bit about your group and ask them to join your group.  Once they join your group you can freely message them at any time.

Here is the link to my group on LinkedIn. 


and here is my profile ink.


I have built a group on LinkedIn of 1500 members (at a rate of 5-10 per day) this year on LinkedIn, and there seems to be no end to this activity. At a slow but steady rate of 1500-2000 per year this will yield over 10,000 members in 5 years. That is a substantial group and many of these group members have joined Markethive.

When the Markethive wallet is released, no doubt this will be one of several substantial and consistent income streams from Markethive.

This can be done manually, but it would certainly take a substantial amount of time every day.  I have found a way that automates message sending which takes less than 5 minutes per day.  I spend an additional 10-15 minutes per day answering the responses I get from these messages, and also invitations that people send to me on a daily basis.

Here is a link to the software I use to do this on a daily basis.  I will personally train you how to use this software for maximum effectiveness.


I have been working on LinkedIn for nearly 10 years now, and I have nearly 16,000 first-level connections.  

Once you reach a certain number of connections, people will automatically send you invitations because they understand how reach works on LinkedIn.  I do not send out invitations any longer, I just respond to connections for anyone who has a profile picture to identify themselves.

If you have any additional questions about how to market on LinkedIn, comment below, or send me a message here on Markethive and I will respond right away.


Thank you.

Best of success in all your endeavors.

John Lombaerde – Markethive Entrepreneur One member.



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