How do you get around paywalls?


Are you a fan of paywalls? If you are like me, you are not. There are very, very few publications that I pay to subscribe to, and unless I have a very specific need and there is a highly desirable subject with limited information, that I would not be likely to find from another source, I am unlikely to subscribe to any publication. It does happen, however, but if there is a way around a paywall, I will definitely take it.

Let me explain my simple way to get around paywalls.  I have to admit that they have become more restrictive over time, but here is what I do.

They all involve using what is called "incognito mode" in Chrome, or "Private window" in Firefox, or Brave. I go from browser to browser in the previously mentioned order to see if the firewall can help me to circumvent the paywall. Brave is definitely the most effective of the three browsers at doing this.

At that point, if I have not bypassed the gatekeeper's paywall, I give up, but I am sure there are other ways around this issue.

Here are some posts that suggest additional means around paywalls. (Caveat emptor) that you may try.

Be careful using any of these methods. You on your own and accept personal responsibility for any negative consequences from using the above recommendations.

John Lombaerde