Vaccinations In My Childhood – The Light Bulb Comes On..!

Vaccinations In My Childhood – The Light Bulb Comes On..!

If nothing else you must include nature-based Supplements in your Diet. This Is Current Understanding.

It is amazing how certain things happens in your childhood and you do not remember them in such a way that it would provide you with wisdom and understanding that allow you know why specific events in your adult life come about.

Well, I grew up in a military family, my father was in the US Army ( communications ). We traveled with him to many assignments overseas. France, Germany, Hawaii, Ethiopia and the many places we stop in between.

I was one of those children who was always sick; measles, chicken pox, fevers allergies ( all kinds ) and I had asthma up until about the age of 14 or 15. The asthma seems to have completely disappeared after living in the hot climate of Ethiopia.

Possibly in addition to the climate it may have been because I participated in Junior high sports, and spent most of my time with my friends outdoors in the desert heat riding motorcycles ( I had a 60cc Suzuki – it got me around ) and playing in the mountains of Asmara and the beaches of Masawa, Ethiopia.

In my teens, also while serving in the army, and as a civilian working in Vietnam, I again participated in sports and outdoor activities such a scuba diving (off the coast of Vietnam on the island of Phu Quoc), running/jogging, martial arts and other activities. In other words, from my later teens, I can say that I have always been in good physical condition.

Moving forward in time to 2006 ( skipping a lot to get to my point). Living in Los Angeles I tried to continue what I thought was a very health lifestyle of eating mostly fruits, vegetables and some poultry and seafood.  From the beginning of the year (2006) I would ritually buy fresh fruit in a plastic bag from local street vendor near where I lived.

Then, things changed. One day I took an afternoon nap. When I awoke I had a very stiff and painful neck. Being the kind of person that I am I reduced my food intake to vegetables and juices and waited for the stiffness and pain to go way. It did not after four (4) nights of no sleep and now excruciating pain with every muscle from both of my shoulders to the top of my head, ‘frozen’ I was unable to move them without even more pain.

Went to a local hospital, on three occasions, each time they told me that there was nothing wrong with me. I actually heard one nurse say ” I think he just want the drugs”. I didn’t and don’t take drugs. They thought I was a drug addict just trying to finagle drugs from them. in one the critical-care rooms they gave me an IV, which they said was morphine. I did feel better, and they sent me home. My muscles were still frozen and the pain returned in about 3 hours.

The next day I went to the VA hospital’s emergency ward in West Los Angeles, They too, gave me an IV, they said it was morphine and sent me home. Again the pain returned that night and I went back to the VA the next day. This time another doctor (a young man – I say this because I believe he had an open mind to other possibilities) told me that he wanted to check further and, check me into the hospital there (VA).

After a series of test, they told me I had  ‘Osteomyelitis of the Cervical Spin’. Well how about that? What I did not know was that Osteomyelitis is often associated with drug use.


Vertebral Osteomyelitis refers to an infection of the vertebral body in the spine. It is a fairly rare cause of back pain, especially in young healthy adults. Generally, the infection is spread to the vertebral body by a vascular route. The veins in the lower spine (Bat son plexus) drain the pelvis and provide for a direct route of entry for the bacteria to get into the spine. For this reason, there is a preponderance of infections in the spine that occur after a urologic procedure (e.g. cystoscopy).
Patients susceptible to osteomyelitis include:
Elderly patients
Intravenous drug users
Individuals whose immune systems are compromised ( I think this may have been my case:    my opinion)

Conditions that compromise the immune system include:
Long-term systemic administration of steroids to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis
Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
Organ transplant patients
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
Malnutrition ( you can be malnourished, especially if you eat a predominant amount of manufactured foods.)

Reference Information From:

OK, so I know I had been having “Sugar Problems” but, I feel that possibly the main contributing factor in my opinion was eating the cut-up fruit from the street vendor everyday. Now that I think about where do they wash their hands and what kind of bacteria is on that cutting board? Because I was infected by forms of Strep. and E coli. How they got into my cervical spin, I don’t know.

Anyway, I spent a week in the VA hospital receiving high levels of anti-biotics. They sent me home with a “PI CC-line” that allow me to continue administering anti-biotics on my own. for another 30 days.
A PI CC-line is, by definition and per its acronym, a peripherally inserted central catheter. It is long, slender, small, flexible tube that is inserted into a peripheral vein, typically in the upper arm, and advanced until the catheter tip terminates in a large vein in the chest near the heart to obtain intravenous access.

After the PI CC-line I spent another 60 days administering myself high doses of anti-bionics. Needless to say, anyone who know anything about anti-biotics, know that they kill both good and bad bacteria.

After a few months or so of feeling good, I started having stomach issues and increase blurring of my vision. My vision and stomach problems continued and around 2008 and 2009 stomach issue are getting worse. Eating foods that where fried, foods with sugar, milk and most meats where making me tired after eating.

In 2010 it all came to a head in mid December after eating a dinner of vegetables and grilled chicken. My heart started beating so hard I could hear it and feel it throughout my body. Being the kind person I am, I tried go to sleep with the hope that I would wake up and everything would be back to normal, that of course did NOT happen! I tried going outside in the cool fresh air, that did not work (getting weaker). Tried to take a warm showing and gradually cool it down, THAT DID NOT WORK! So, now I am trying to make the decision to call 911. I decided “I have no choice. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to dial 9-1-1. When I finally I got it, they (ambulance) was at my house in about 5 minutes. In the emergency room they gave me an IV of something, I do not know what it was. They told me I was anemic and may have some glandular problems.

Back at home I decided to do my own research (on the web) base on what they told me and what I was feeling and the symptoms I was having. My research indicated that I might have a liver problem. So, I found liver-flush instructions on the web and followed them precisely. After I completed the flush I felt just wonderful. I started eating almost completely vegetarian. I also started researching herbs that would help with what I was feeling  (my symptoms: my opinion). Herbs to clean the arteries, herbs to sooth the digestive system, herbs to calm and repair the nervous system. For example: Horse-chestnuts for inflammation, Gravel-root for kidney stones, stiff and sore muscles, Hawthorn for hypoglycemia, Cats Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) as an Anti-inflammatory, arthritis, immune enhancing and enhancing the bodies ability to repair DNA. There are many others that I use individually and in combination. I am (at this time) not an expert but, I have found what works for me, and they work very well.

This is not medical advice. It is only a presentation of my personal experience. If you have medical issues you should consult a medical practitioner or your doctor.

Now back to the original point. Vaccinations In My Childhood – The Light bulb Comes On..!

In my childhood as we traveled to the various counties we would live in for a few years each time, we would always have to take shots (vaccinations) before leaving. In most case 2 to 5 (maybe more) shots and often over a number of days. Now, I understand the amount of shots we got depended on which country we were going to.

These shots (vaccinations) began for me around the age of 3 years old. And, I remember quite clearly each time, I became in most cases critically sick. At the least I would have high fevers but, I always end up in the hospital before leaving, delaying the trip. Or once we got to our country of destination I would require medical treatment for the fevers and in my early childhood the asthma. ( It is possible that the asthma was a result of the vaccinations: my opinion).

It has become quite obvious to me with simple observation and deduction, that the shots (vaccinations) were making me sick and in some cases violently sick.

And, the light bulb goes on. Vaccinations causes trauma to the body, affecting the organs, nerves, heart and pretty much everything else. Maybe not in everyone’s case but, they did in mine.. And, I believe that these vaccinations in my youth are the foundation or cause of  health issues that myself and many other people are having today (my opinion).

I now maintain and regulate my health and well-being  mostly through the consumption of plants (protein and fiber), herbs and selected supplementation that are based on natural plant extracts (dried and liquids). I still do eat poultry and seafood on occasions.

I have never stop exercising throughout my life. The intensity may change on occasions but, I always exercise. And, I believe without any questions what-so-ever that changing my diet, adding herbs, supplements and exercising is what improved my health and continues to improve it each and everyday.

Note, I eat a lot a vegetables and fruits but, but because of commercial farming today, almost all fruits and vegetables are lacking in enough vitamins and minerals to keep you in optimum health or homeostasis (balance). Hence, the result is the many diseases that so many people experience later in life. ( my opinion).

Well, some will say look at the youth they are healthy and doing just fine on the commercially grown and “manufactured food”.  That is not to the credit of the commercially produced foods they are eating. It is to the credit of the human body which is a miracle in itself (my opinion).

The body is the Master it will repair just about anything that is done to it, if given the proper nutrients and time (my opinion). Of course barring certain types of major traumas. And so, the young person who grows older may start to have health issues as the body gets further and further out of balance because of a continued lack of proper nutritious foods and an over-worked system.

Along with my diet, I combine food for proper digestion. For example: proteins and Carbohydrates do not digest well together. Each should be eaten at different times with vegetables or just herbs…etc. If you feel bloated and tired after a meal its more then likely because of an incorrect combination of foods, but that is your choice to be made. After a good meal of correctly combined foods you should feel well satisfied with no discomforts but, again that is your choice to be made.

To finalize this presentation. It is necessary today for me to take supplements, to get the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals that my body needs. And they must be high quality plant derived supplements. I know I need them because I feel great when I take them. They work wonderfully for me. And, It’s based on how I feel. And there is no one in this world that can tell how I feel. It is me they must ask to know!

Each day is another great day to improve your health, and your life. Have the youthful energy and appearance that will make living an adventure, filled with discovery and joy, for the rest of your life…!

It’s Never To Late To Improve Your Health.

Gods Blessings to You / Namaste.. !

This is not medical advice. It is only a presentation of my personal experience. If you have medical issues you should consult a medical practitioner or your doctor.
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