I am only qualified to speak for myself as I couldn’t do it alone.  Shortly I will be talking about blogging and wordpress but wanted to share the reason I am sharing this picture above. 

My Dad passed away June 4, 2016. He left me alone to take care of my Mom as both of my older brothers live out of state.  Mom has alzheimer’s, depression and anxiety.  It was overwhelming for me.  Fortunately my fiancé saw how stressed I was and decided to stay with us.  She saved my life in helping me take care of Mom.  The words mean a lot to me.  I could not do it alone.  There is no shame for asking for help.

I am going to now talk about WordPress and blogging.  I enjoy blogging.  I like talking about crockpot recipes, beer, movie, restaurant reviews, photography, etc.  My problem is the time to write something new every week.  I’m lucky if I can write something new once a month.  Same time in order for a website to do well in a web search it must constantly have fresh new content.  This can be challenging for most people.

Fortunately there is Markethive.  The slogan is “we didn’t invent wordpress, we just made it better”.  Most of the blog posts here are not written by me.  I know little about bitcoin.  I do not like talking about politics.  Still the posts look like they are written by me.  It is actually my friends in Markethive.  I chose which of my friends I want to have their blogs show up on my site. 

My favorite feature is creating groups in Markethive.  You can create groups for sports, politics, food, money, entertainment, religion, travel, etc and invite others to join you.  Members in the group can share videos, write blog posts, invite new members.  The blog posts written can show up on your wordpress blogs to look like they were written by you.  It is power.  I like “not doing it alone”.

Below are the groups I have created so far.  I am thinking of creating an entertainment group where movies and television shows could be discussed.

If you would like to take a look at Markethive you can sign up using one of your social media accounts below.

Be As You Are ….