What works for me is eating natural/organic foods as a medicine and not just to satisfy hunger.

I have found that eating a large proportion of green and multicolored vegetables with a protein, a starch, oils or less frequently a carbohydrate, is the most beneficial for my body and how I feel. Often call food combining: ) or

Using food combining is how I prepare and consume my food. As different foods require different digestive juices ( acid and alkaline ) to properly process the nutrient your body needs. If you combine foods that require different digestive juices, you may slow-down or stop the digestive process and cause any number of effect, such as gas, bloating and fermentation or putrification in the case of meat protein. Instead of getting the healthy nutrients from the foods that keep our bodies healthy and in homeostasis, we get what can only be called poisons and food particles that may enter the blood stream causing inflammation/allergies and other negative health issues. Constipation or diarrhea may even be experience by some.

Because I have had ‘sugar’ issues ( I never use the ‘D’ word, as long as I can control it through food ). I have eliminated, I would say about 90% of the sugars, carbohydrates, dairy and basic grains (most grains contain gluten) from my diet.

I don’t eat beef or other similar meats. They have always caused my digestive system problems, even when I was younger. When I eat them it seems like my stomach starts to boil. I can literally feel and hear it turning in my stomach.

I may eat maple syrup, honey and sometimes Stevia. And, I have learned quite dramatically/physically not to use sweeteners except on those occasions where adding it will really make the difference.



I have been learning how to use herbs, and plant derived nutrients to supplement my diet. Foods such as: Hemp Protein, Seaweed/Kelp, Almond and Hemp milks. Super-foods like Noni, Maqui Berries, Spirulina, Goji Berries, Raw Cocoa, Chia Seeds, Salba, Cranberry,Hemp Seeds, Maca, Acai, Coconuts ( young fresh coconut juice and oils ), other oils: Brazil Nuts and Avocado ( I have cut down on my use of Olive Oils, because most are blends or inferior oils).

I use herbs like Hawthorn Berries, Horse Chestnuts, Witch Hazel, Butcher’s Broom, Bilberry (eyes) for blood vessel support and health.

For inflammation, I use herbs like Eye-Bright, Plantain Leaf (powder), Feverfew, Cat’s Claw.

For sugar issues, the ‘D’ word : Cinnamon, Bitter-Melon, Pterocarpus Marsupium, Gymnema Sylvestre, Fenugreek.

For digestive issues: Cat’s Claw, Fennel, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Papaya, Senna, and others.

For general health: Turmeric, Cat’s Claw, Blessed Thistle, Coriander, Pau ‘dArco, Chlorella (detox) and others.


I have tried many supplements, from Herbalife ( I was office manager for George Patton father of Lori Tartol both of Herbalife), Bohemian Diet, tried ACN products, others I have bought at health food stores. 

When I speak of supplements I am first speaking of herbs, vitamins, minerals and enzyme supplements, then super-foods.




Have you heard of the ” 2 Minute Miracle Gel ” ? Your skin becomes smooth, and hydrated. Complexion is Illuminated, Pores appear less visible, Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized.
It’s not often that a product comes along that works 100% on 100% of the people that try it. Request a
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Best Regards,
Venable Dance

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Vaccinations In My Childhood – The Light Bulb Comes On..!

Vaccinations In My Childhood – The Light Bulb Comes On..!

If nothing else you must include nature-based Supplements in your Diet. This Is Current Understanding.

It is amazing how certain things happens in your childhood and you do not remember them in such a way that it would provide you with wisdom and understanding that allow you know why specific events in your adult life come about.

Well, I grew up in a military family, my father was in the US Army ( communications ). We traveled with him to many assignments overseas. France, Germany, Hawaii, Ethiopia and the many places we stop in between.

I was one of those children who was always sick; measles, chicken pox, fevers allergies ( all kinds ) and I had asthma up until about the age of 14 or 15. The asthma seems to have completely disappeared after living in the hot climate of Ethiopia.

Possibly in addition to the climate it may have been because I participated in Junior high sports, and spent most of my time with my friends outdoors in the desert heat riding motorcycles ( I had a 60cc Suzuki – it got me around ) and playing in the mountains of Asmara and the beaches of Masawa, Ethiopia.

In my teens, also while serving in the army, and as a civilian working in Vietnam, I again participated in sports and outdoor activities such a scuba diving (off the coast of Vietnam on the island of Phu Quoc), running/jogging, martial arts and other activities. In other words, from my later teens, I can say that I have always been in good physical condition.

Moving forward in time to 2006 ( skipping a lot to get to my point). Living in Los Angeles I tried to continue what I thought was a very health lifestyle of eating mostly fruits, vegetables and some poultry and seafood.  From the beginning of the year (2006) I would ritually buy fresh fruit in a plastic bag from local street vendor near where I lived.

Then, things changed. One day I took an afternoon nap. When I awoke I had a very stiff and painful neck. Being the kind of person that I am I reduced my food intake to vegetables and juices and waited for the stiffness and pain to go way. It did not after four (4) nights of no sleep and now excruciating pain with every muscle from both of my shoulders to the top of my head, ‘frozen’ I was unable to move them without even more pain.

Went to a local hospital, on three occasions, each time they told me that there was nothing wrong with me. I actually heard one nurse say ” I think he just want the drugs”. I didn’t and don’t take drugs. They thought I was a drug addict just trying to finagle drugs from them. in one the critical-care rooms they gave me an IV, which they said was morphine. I did feel better, and they sent me home. My muscles were still frozen and the pain returned in about 3 hours.

The next day I went to the VA hospital’s emergency ward in West Los Angeles, They too, gave me an IV, they said it was morphine and sent me home. Again the pain returned that night and I went back to the VA the next day. This time another doctor (a young man – I say this because I believe he had an open mind to other possibilities) told me that he wanted to check further and, check me into the hospital there (VA).

After a series of test, they told me I had  ‘Osteomyelitis of the Cervical Spin’. Well how about that? What I did not know was that Osteomyelitis is often associated with drug use.


Vertebral Osteomyelitis refers to an infection of the vertebral body in the spine. It is a fairly rare cause of back pain, especially in young healthy adults. Generally, the infection is spread to the vertebral body by a vascular route. The veins in the lower spine (Bat son plexus) drain the pelvis and provide for a direct route of entry for the bacteria to get into the spine. For this reason, there is a preponderance of infections in the spine that occur after a urologic procedure (e.g. cystoscopy).
Patients susceptible to osteomyelitis include:
Elderly patients
Intravenous drug users
Individuals whose immune systems are compromised ( I think this may have been my case:    my opinion)

Conditions that compromise the immune system include:
Long-term systemic administration of steroids to treat conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis
Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus
Organ transplant patients
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS)
Malnutrition ( you can be malnourished, especially if you eat a predominant amount of manufactured foods.)

Reference Information From:

OK, so I know I had been having “Sugar Problems” but, I feel that possibly the main contributing factor in my opinion was eating the cut-up fruit from the street vendor everyday. Now that I think about where do they wash their hands and what kind of bacteria is on that cutting board? Because I was infected by forms of Strep. and E coli. How they got into my cervical spin, I don’t know.

Anyway, I spent a week in the VA hospital receiving high levels of anti-biotics. They sent me home with a “PI CC-line” that allow me to continue administering anti-biotics on my own. for another 30 days.
A PI CC-line is, by definition and per its acronym, a peripherally inserted central catheter. It is long, slender, small, flexible tube that is inserted into a peripheral vein, typically in the upper arm, and advanced until the catheter tip terminates in a large vein in the chest near the heart to obtain intravenous access.

After the PI CC-line I spent another 60 days administering myself high doses of anti-bionics. Needless to say, anyone who know anything about anti-biotics, know that they kill both good and bad bacteria.

After a few months or so of feeling good, I started having stomach issues and increase blurring of my vision. My vision and stomach problems continued and around 2008 and 2009 stomach issue are getting worse. Eating foods that where fried, foods with sugar, milk and most meats where making me tired after eating.

In 2010 it all came to a head in mid December after eating a dinner of vegetables and grilled chicken. My heart started beating so hard I could hear it and feel it throughout my body. Being the kind person I am, I tried go to sleep with the hope that I would wake up and everything would be back to normal, that of course did NOT happen! I tried going outside in the cool fresh air, that did not work (getting weaker). Tried to take a warm showing and gradually cool it down, THAT DID NOT WORK! So, now I am trying to make the decision to call 911. I decided “I have no choice. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out how to dial 9-1-1. When I finally I got it, they (ambulance) was at my house in about 5 minutes. In the emergency room they gave me an IV of something, I do not know what it was. They told me I was anemic and may have some glandular problems.

Back at home I decided to do my own research (on the web) base on what they told me and what I was feeling and the symptoms I was having. My research indicated that I might have a liver problem. So, I found liver-flush instructions on the web and followed them precisely. After I completed the flush I felt just wonderful. I started eating almost completely vegetarian. I also started researching herbs that would help with what I was feeling  (my symptoms: my opinion). Herbs to clean the arteries, herbs to sooth the digestive system, herbs to calm and repair the nervous system. For example: Horse-chestnuts for inflammation, Gravel-root for kidney stones, stiff and sore muscles, Hawthorn for hypoglycemia, Cats Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) as an Anti-inflammatory, arthritis, immune enhancing and enhancing the bodies ability to repair DNA. There are many others that I use individually and in combination. I am (at this time) not an expert but, I have found what works for me, and they work very well.

This is not medical advice. It is only a presentation of my personal experience. If you have medical issues you should consult a medical practitioner or your doctor.

Now back to the original point. Vaccinations In My Childhood – The Light bulb Comes On..!

In my childhood as we traveled to the various counties we would live in for a few years each time, we would always have to take shots (vaccinations) before leaving. In most case 2 to 5 (maybe more) shots and often over a number of days. Now, I understand the amount of shots we got depended on which country we were going to.

These shots (vaccinations) began for me around the age of 3 years old. And, I remember quite clearly each time, I became in most cases critically sick. At the least I would have high fevers but, I always end up in the hospital before leaving, delaying the trip. Or once we got to our country of destination I would require medical treatment for the fevers and in my early childhood the asthma. ( It is possible that the asthma was a result of the vaccinations: my opinion).

It has become quite obvious to me with simple observation and deduction, that the shots (vaccinations) were making me sick and in some cases violently sick.

And, the light bulb goes on. Vaccinations causes trauma to the body, affecting the organs, nerves, heart and pretty much everything else. Maybe not in everyone’s case but, they did in mine.. And, I believe that these vaccinations in my youth are the foundation or cause of  health issues that myself and many other people are having today (my opinion).

I now maintain and regulate my health and well-being  mostly through the consumption of plants (protein and fiber), herbs and selected supplementation that are based on natural plant extracts (dried and liquids). I still do eat poultry and seafood on occasions.

I have never stop exercising throughout my life. The intensity may change on occasions but, I always exercise. And, I believe without any questions what-so-ever that changing my diet, adding herbs, supplements and exercising is what improved my health and continues to improve it each and everyday.

Note, I eat a lot a vegetables and fruits but, but because of commercial farming today, almost all fruits and vegetables are lacking in enough vitamins and minerals to keep you in optimum health or homeostasis (balance). Hence, the result is the many diseases that so many people experience later in life. ( my opinion).

Well, some will say look at the youth they are healthy and doing just fine on the commercially grown and “manufactured food”.  That is not to the credit of the commercially produced foods they are eating. It is to the credit of the human body which is a miracle in itself (my opinion).

The body is the Master it will repair just about anything that is done to it, if given the proper nutrients and time (my opinion). Of course barring certain types of major traumas. And so, the young person who grows older may start to have health issues as the body gets further and further out of balance because of a continued lack of proper nutritious foods and an over-worked system.

Along with my diet, I combine food for proper digestion. For example: proteins and Carbohydrates do not digest well together. Each should be eaten at different times with vegetables or just herbs…etc. If you feel bloated and tired after a meal its more then likely because of an incorrect combination of foods, but that is your choice to be made. After a good meal of correctly combined foods you should feel well satisfied with no discomforts but, again that is your choice to be made.

To finalize this presentation. It is necessary today for me to take supplements, to get the maximum amount of vitamins and minerals that my body needs. And they must be high quality plant derived supplements. I know I need them because I feel great when I take them. They work wonderfully for me. And, It’s based on how I feel. And there is no one in this world that can tell how I feel. It is me they must ask to know!

Each day is another great day to improve your health, and your life. Have the youthful energy and appearance that will make living an adventure, filled with discovery and joy, for the rest of your life…!

It’s Never To Late To Improve Your Health.

Gods Blessings to You / Namaste.. !

This is not medical advice. It is only a presentation of my personal experience. If you have medical issues you should consult a medical practitioner or your doctor.
Have you heard of the ” 2 Minute Miracle Gel ” ? Your skin becomes smooth, and hydrated. Complexion is Illuminated, Pores appear less visible, Fine lines and wrinkles are minimized.
It’s not often that a product comes along that works 100% on 100% of the people that try it. Request a
FREE Sample by messaging me on Facebook….? Click Here.

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Setting Up Your Twitter Account

Twitter is another major networking site that is fast growing in the world of social media today. To maximize the use of Twitter as a marketing and traffic tool, you need to first set up an account if you do not have one.

1. Go to
2. You will see a sign up box. Enter your name, email address and password.
3. Confirm your account in the email address you used in signing up.
4. Add a profile picture. Now you are ready to tweet!

Create Your Twitter Content

Unlike Facebook, Twitter offers a limited amount of content you can post (140 Characters). It allows you only a few characters to be contained in your post. That is why, many people in Twitter use the social media site to express their feelings and the latest happening in their day.

Moreover, Twitter posts can also be used for business. It can be a big help to increase the traffic in your blog and/or website.

Create posts that are convincing, relevant and timely. If your posts are interesting, many people will follow you and your posts. The good thing about the limited length of post in Twitter is that it gives you more room to post teasers about stories.

Therefore, people who are interested in your teasers will click on the link and will be directed to your page to read the whole story.

However, the world of Twitter moves fast. After an hour, your posts are considered ancient. To save time and effort, you can create beforehand a list of what posts you will post in a couple of days. Also indicate the time when you will post your contents. By doing this, you will organize your posts that they always look fresh and interesting to people.

Get More Twitter Followers

You can gain more followers in Twitter quickly. Here are few ways in which you can increase the traffic to your blog/website through Twitter.

Make Yourself Known

Let the people know that you exist. You can do this by following anyone that follows you. Some people will not follow you if you do not follow them in return.

Follow and Comment Big Names

Tag large businesses in your tweets. This will take you to the front of their fan base. Hence, you will be easily seen and noticed by many. They can click on your tweets and follow you as well.

Be creative

If you are creative and your content is interesting, people will retweet your posts. When they retweet your content, they will give you credit as the original source of the post. People will not retweet posts that are boring and dull. Therefore, let your imaginative mind work in making the content of your tweets. Use Hashtags

A hashtag (#) is a symbol indicating that you are talking about a particular topic. You can search popular topics in Twitter and hashtag them. With this, your page will be listed in the search queue and people will click to your page.

Follow the right People

Do not follow too many people. Your credibility lies in the number of people following you. If you follow more people than those following you, you will look not as credible as you should be. In as much as possible, balance the number who follows you and you follow in return.

Your Twitter Traffic

Just like Facebook, Twitter has huge traffic as a social media site. However, the important thing is that you can convert them to your site traffic.

Post interesting contents. Create convincing teasers of a whole story. Put your website address below your profile picture. With all of these, you can effectively use Twitter as a Instant Traffic Method.


Now, you have learned the importance of traffic in your online business. You have also learned some popular and effective methods to flow traffic to your sites. Whatever method you are going to use, just make sure that you always provide the best user experience for your clients. Always keep in mind to incorporate quality and value in your contents. This will draw the attention and loyalty of potential clients to your website.

Do not just read. Take action and start making money from your Instant Traffic!

This is the End of my Social Media Blog Posting Stay Tune for my Next series of post

God Bless,


    Ida Mae Boyd


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The Fundamentals Of Facebook

Facebook is dedicated towards connecting loved ones from across the globe. Moreover, it also enables you to get connected with the most important people in your business, your target clients.

Create a Fan Page

A fan page is a Facebook page that anyone can make for their businesses and organizations. Public figures and celebrities also use a fan page to get closer with their supporters.

You would also probably love to create a fan page for your online business. Many are doing this already. Create your page now and follow these simple steps.


  1. Go to
  2. In the sign up area, you will see a “Create a Page” link. Click on that to get started.
  3. Choose “Company, Organization or Institution” from the options given.
  4. Sign in to Facebook with an old account or a new one. This will allow you to get connected with your fan page easily. You don’t need to worry, no personal information will be revealed in your fan page.
  5. Set up your page. Enter in all the necessary, relevant and important information about your website and business. Add photos as well. This will be captivating to the eyes of potential clients.

Create Content

Posting of content should be done at least once a day. As soon as you get people to follow you, you will have to spend ample time creating your content and polishing it for posting.

Posting of content should just be enough for the day, not too much nor too less.

Here are a few tips in creating content for your Facebook fan page.

Quality Content

The content of your post must be of high quality. It must be timely and accurate. Also, it must be relevant to your selected niche. Most importantly, it must be informative to provide new knowledge to the people in the social media site.

Humorous Content

Many people like people who have a good sense of humor. You can post funny content on your page. However, be careful with your jokes that it does not become nasty and overboard.

Sharable Content

Post contents that can be shared by anyone. There are people that like to share posts that are interesting and captivating to them.

These posts can go viral. You can also offer incentives to those who will click and share your posts.

Build Your Fan List

The purpose of creating a fan page is to have many fans that will get to follow you and earn you profits. There are many ways of doing this. You can buy Facebook fans if you want to. Moreover, there is an easy way for you to gain huge fans in Facebook.

Here’s how:


  1. Log in Facebook using your fan page
  2. Go to a popular company that is related to the site of Facebook.
  3. Complement their site by writing a post in their fan page. Be sure you do not promote your self-interest.
  4. Include “@” tagging that particular site. This will take you in front of the large business’s fans.

Tagging another large business will help you to gain more fans to your page. They will be interested with your page and will visit it. That is then the start of building your fan list.

You can gain more fans by continuing the structure of your Facebook fan page. You can employ more creative ideas to create more traffic in your page.

Here are few options you can choose from:

Offer contests

Many people find online contest exciting and interesting. You can offer small contents in your page to attract the attention of people.

Definitely, this will increase the traffic to your page. If you cannot offer physical prizes, you can schedule free mentoring sessions and other intangible prizes.

Convincing Posts

Come up with posts that can compel others to like and click share. These posts have the potential of getting viral. When these posts are shared, the readers will see that your page is the source of the post.

Your Site Traffic

There is no doubt that Facebook has great traffic. Your task now is to get that traffic to your site. One of the most effective ways is to offer post teasers.

A teaser posts a portion of the whole story. This entices the readers to click on the teaser to read the entire story. This is the strategy of Yahoo.

In their homepage, there are titles that are displayed for people to say. Then, readers will have to click on the titles to read the whole story or news.

If your followers are enticed to see more of your stories, they will greatly increase the traffic to your website.

In My Next Blog Post, I will be going over "Twitter"

God Bless,



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Bitcoin Prices Fall Even After Switzerland Approves World’s First Crypto ETF

Bitcoin Prices Fall Even After Switzerland Approves World's First Crypto ETF

Bitcoin Prices Fall Even After Switzerland Approves World’s First Crypto ETF – Bitcoin and other major crypto prices fell on Monday despite news that Switzerland’s authorities approved the world’s first cryptocurrency ETF.

Bitcoin fell 2.8% to $5,515.4 at 12:47 AM ET (05:47 GMT) on the Bitifinex exchange, while Ethereum slumped 6.2% to $168.29.

Litecoin dived 6.4% to $40.636.

Elsewhere, XRP plunged 7.4% to $0.48959 on the Poloniex exchange.

Amun AG, a crypto startup, is offering the fund that would allow investments in major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash in the coming days, according to various reports.

The fund will track the Amun Crypto Basket Index (HODL5), which is based on the performance of the top five cryptocurrencies.

It would start trading on SIX, a Europe-based exchange that has a market capitalisation of around $1.6 trillion.

Hany Rashwan, CEO and co-founder of Amun, said he explored 23 other destinations before Switzerland but found Swiss the most suitable.

In other news, Japan’s Financial Services Agency plans to regulate virtual coin wallets. Currently, only companies that buy and sell digital coins are required to register with the agency.

The agency argues that wallets are like bank accounts and should fall under their jurisdiction. At the moment, Japanese law does not apply to the wallet service providers because they do not trade in digital currencies.

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Buying Bitcoins Recent Dip Could Be Profitable Chart Watcher Points Out

Buying Bitcoins Recent Dip Could Be Profitable, Chart Watcher Points Out

Buying Bitcoins Recent Dip Could Be Profitable, Chart Watcher Points Out

Earlier this week, bitcoin saw its price drop nearly 12% in a single day, taking it below the $6,000 mark and breaking a longstanding support just under said mark. The day after, bitcoin hit a new yearly low under $5,500. The dip may be a profitable opportunity, according to one chart watcher.

As first reported by MarketWatch, Twitter user OddStats revealed that, throughout bitcoin’s history, large two-day sell-offs are usually followed by short rallies that can be profitable.

Using the Twitter users’ analysis it’s possible to see that in some cases it could’ve been extremely profitable to buy the dip, as long as it dropped over 10% in two days. The last time it occurred, at the end of March, BTC dropped roughly 14%, to about $6,840.

Those who bought the dip then would’ve seen their coins go up a whopping 46% in the next few weeks, as the flagship cryptocurrency then surged to nearly $10,000. As MarketWatch points out, in early February, the strategy would’ve been profitable as well.

At the time, BTC fell over 24.5% in said time period, but quickly recovered as in the next two weeks the cryptocurrency jumped roughly 72%. While in hindsight the strategy looks profitable, some of the microblogging website’s users have pointed out it would be hard to time the market, and that the data may not be representative.

Nevertheless, bitcoiners have seemingly been buying the recent dip. Data from the popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex shows the number of long contracts surged from about 23,700 to roughly 26,700 in a few days.

As MarketWatch points out, the outstanding long interest is currently at its highest level since October 11. The two-day sell-off strategy, however, may have its flaws.

Late last year, when bitcoin hit its all-time high close to $19,000, the criteria were met on December 19-20. Buying the cryptocurrency then would’ve set traders down a further 20%, as the cryptocurrency kept on dipping.

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Tom Lee Cuts 10000 Off EOY Bitcoin Price Forecast

Tom Lee Cuts $10,000 Off EOY Bitcoin Price Forecast

Tom Lee Cuts $10,000 Off EOY Bitcoin Price Forecast

Per an article from CNBC, Tom Lee, Bitcoin’s inside man at Fundstrat Global Advisors, recently lowered his Bitcoin (BTC) price prediction by $10,000, claiming that this industry’s foremost asset will only hit $15,000 by year’s end, not $25,000 as he has stated incessantly on previous occasions.

Like his previous bitcoin price calls, the Fundstrat executive drew attention to the break-even cost of mining one BTC, which he believes correlates directly with the price of the digital asset. Lee noted that the break-even cost with Bitmain’s S9 machine has fallen to $7,000 from $8,000, adding that it would be fair for BTC to surpass 2.2 times that amount.

He also drew attention to the Bitcoin Cash contention, which is an ongoing epic, as seen by the endless tussle between Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision. Like other analysts, Lee explained that recent bearish price action can be attributed to the hard fork, alluding to the fact that this so-called “civil war” is instilling feelings of distrust in crypto investors at large.

However, while Lee’s decision to cut $10,000 off his forecast may accentuate fleeting hints of bearish sentiment, the bottom line is that the Fundstrat’s in-house research savant isn’t ready to give up on BTC just yet, even though his dignity took a strong blow to the chin, so to speak.

Lee added:

While bitcoin broke below that psychologically important $6,000, this has lead to a renewed wave of pessimism… But we believe the negative swing in sentiment is much worse than the fundamental implications.

Other Insiders Remain Bullish On Crypto

Interestingly, Lee isn’t the only industry insider to be bullish on the short to mid-term prospects of this industry.

In early-October, Spencer Bogart, a partner at Blockchain Capital, explained that positive institutional news, like the arrival of TD Ameritrade, Yale, and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), will likely be the primary contributor to crypto’s impending bonfire (bull run), as it were.

Lee backed this claim, drawing attention to the looming launch of Bakkt and FDAS as “[a] part of a broader creation of infrastructure necessary for institutional involvement.”

In contrast, Nikolay Storonsky, CEO of Revolut, has recently claimed that retail investors will drive 2019’s crypto bull run, going against the popular sentiment that the launch of the institutional-focused Bakkt and Fidelity Digital Asset Services (FDAS) will propel crypto to Main Street after Wall Street fills their bags.

Others have begged to differ, but as always, investors, whether from the Bitcoin maximalist or altcoin advocate camp, have begun to exert their opinion that a cryptocurrency bull run is in the cards. However, at the time of writing, the crypto market has failed to recover, with BTC and its altcoin brethren posting losses of 2-3%.

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Economist Explains The State Of Bitcoin

Economist Explains The State Of Bitcoin

Economist Explains The State Of Bitcoin


Bitcoin is a currency which is unpredictable. In fact, the crypto market as a whole is volatile and subject change on an hourly basis, so, there’s no way of knowing what will happen tomorrow, the day after that and so on. This is why cryptocurrency investment is so risky

When it was initially created it was seen as one of the hardest currencies ever created – and maybe that is still true to this day – due to its finite supply which means it will always be a better store of value over time, Bitcoin economist Dr. Saifedean Ammous has suggested.

The number one digital currency in the world has just over 20 million token overall and so when the miners uncover all of these coins then there won’t be any more to dig out of the blockchain. This fixed supply is why the coin has surged so much in ten years according to Ammous.

In his new book, Ammous looks into the history of Bitcoin and where he sees it going in the future. The book is titled The Bitcoin Standard: Decentralised Alternative to Central Banking and is out now.

The book goes into what Bitcoin has gone through, from its creation by Satoshi Nakamoto to “ten years later, and against all odds, this upstart autonomous decentralised software offers an unstoppable and globally-accessible hard money alternative to modern central banks”.

In a recent interview with the Daily Express, Ammous says “Bitcoin is not the toy you want, it is the medicine you need.”

Just so you know, we are not financial advisors and this is not financial advice. So, do your own research and make sure you trade safe.

Ammous is one of the members of the Centre on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University and added that Bitcoin is here to stay and that is not optional.

As the number of coins in circulation increases, the cryptocurrency becomes a ‘harder’ asset which gives Bitcoin a better store of value according to the Bitcoin economist. Bitcoin is now

As reported by the Daily Express:

“BTC has become a ‘monetary good’ because its value is ‘completely determined by people buying it and selling it’ rather than people producing it… what makes something worth using as money is once people put their wealth in it and start to use it as a store of value it is hard for others to simply increase the supply and bring the price down and make more if it.”


By Robert Johnson Nov 14, 2018

Alan Zibluk Markethive Founding Member

Bitcoin BTC Daily Price Forecast November 14

Bitcoin (BTC) Daily Price Forecast – November 14

Bitcoin (BTC) Daily Price Forecast – November 14

  • BTC/USD Medium-term Trend: Ranging
  • Resistance Levels: $6,800, $6,900, $7,000
  • Support levels: $6,300, $6,100, $5,900

Yesterday, November 13, the price of Bitcoin was in a sideways trend. The crypto’s price had been in a sideways trend before price broke that level to the low of $6,300 on November 11. On November 13, the crypto’s price has resumed its sideways trend. Price of Bitcoin is now fluctuating above the $6,400 price level.

The 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA are horizontally flat indicating the sideways trend. The small body’s candlesticks are indecisive candlesticks describing the indecision of buyers and sellers at the $6,400 price level. There will be no trade recommendation as the price of Bitcoin is still in a sideways trend. Meanwhile, the crypto’s price is above the 12-day EMA and the 26-day EMA indicating that price is likely to rise. The MACD line and the signal line are above the zero line which indicates a buy signal.

On the 1-hour chart, the price of Bitcoin is in a sideways trend. The price bars are fluctuating above the exponential moving averages. The MACD line and the signal line are above the zero line which indicates a buy signal.


By Azeez M – November 14, 2018

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Bitcoin price latest update: Cryptocurrency value to INCREASE due to high US debt level

Bitcoin price latest update: Cryptocurrency value to INCREASE due to high US debt level

ShapeShift CEO Erik Voorhees has said cryptocurrencies will boom during the next global financial crisis. The finance expert at the global trading firm believes the high level of US debt will cripple the economy unless more money is printed. He argues this will lead to an increase in cryptocurrency investment.

He said: “When the next global financial crisis occurs, the world will realise organisations with $20trillion in debt can’t possibly ever pay it back.

“Thus must print it instead, and thus fiat is doomed.

“Watch what happens to crypto.”

US lawmakers keep increasing the country’s debt ceiling, allowing for the federal government to take on more and more debt.

His theory is the debt level of world economies is unsustainable and will put states under pressure the next time there is a financial crash.

As a result, he believes quantitive easing will have to come into force, the process whereby governments print money, to help pay off the money they owe.

The more money in circulation the less it is worth, meaning ordinary families could be set to see their savings decrease in value.

Mr Voorhees believes this in turn could lead to more people investing in cryptocurrencies.

However, digital currencies are also a financial risk for investors due to their history of extreme volatility.

In 2017, Bitcoin’s value rocketed to more than double its value, reaching a high $19,783 in December.

However, it then plunged in 2018 to a low of less than $6,000 in June.

Since then the online money has stabilised and has seen no major rises or falls in its value.


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