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Prepare for Markethive Sucess The New Vision

Prepare for Markethive Sucess – The New Vison

I love the technology industry, it’s always in motion just like our oceans, and often if you look away for a second, you’ll see that the scene has completely changed, and you may never see the same scene twice.

Within this industry there is the need to always be moving forward, there is a huge pressure to provide something new, customers expect a new version almost every year.

But where does that lead us? Is it possible to maintain high quality and a high degree of innovation at that level? Or is the latest and greatest innovation just an increase in the version number on the box?

For example, if you’re a mobile app software house writing apps for mobile devices, how do you keep up not only with the needs and wants of your customers but also with the constantly changing landscape that is your device base? What worked on last year’s device might not work as well on the new generation. But your customers will expect their “favorite apps” to work just as before when they upgrade their device.

That is both the greatest strength and weakness of the technology industry: the pace of change. Fortunes are found and lost, companies rise and fall, or get gobbled up, in what seems like minutes.

In many ways it’s like a gamblers addiction, it’s exciting and hard to resist, but with some hard work and a lot of good fortune, your well-built little app or game could be the next goldmine or the next productivity app that brings the platform provider to your door to buy you out and embed that functionality in their system.

If you have your own product you need to acutely aware of all of these factors in your development.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Markethive and the long term vision of our CEO, CTO, and the development team. There are so many substantial new additions and features to Markethive that have already been envisioned. In addition to those enhancements already projected, I'm sure that there are many more to come, and some of these may even come from ideas of some of the Markethive members. At the very least our feedback and input are invaluable, as we can already see from the suggestions made for BIX, and it is not even released yet. 

I hope many of you take the viewpoint that Markethive is "our" product.  If you do you will actively promote Markethive on a daily basis. (Which I pointed out in one of my recent posts can be a profitable business in and of itself. You will participate in the News Feed with your comments, your posts, and shares.  I recommend also that you find a way to blog on a regular basis.  In this way, you will find your "voice" here on Markethive. If you have not yet tried the blogging system here in Markethive, it is super simple and quite powerful. You really do not know what you are missing, I highly recommend to write and post often.

Bix is much more than a simple banner exchange. It is a way to bring huge numbers of new business people and entrepreneurs into Markethive.  Make sure you listen to this new video on BIX from Tom Prendergast and you will catch the vision for BIX.

We all need to prepare for the time of success that lies close at hand.

John Lombaerde



The Men In The Top Hats

The Men In The Top Hats


It’s New York City, it could be Manhatten – midtown, or it could be Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Two men walk together. I am not near enough to hear their conversation.  It could be one of a hundred different things, family, business, Talmud, or maybe just the weather. Their suits are black, and they probably were costly at one time, but now they are showing their years, just as the edge of their top hats are showing bit of a frayed edge. Their hats are not Borsalino's.  They save those for the Sabbath and High Holy Days, not for everyday wear.

But as they walk they have a certain dignity.  Mutual respect, harmony, friendship, many other things as well.  Everything about them says, we represent tradition, family.  We are people who follow the rules and with that comes decency, civility, and tradition. Other pedestrians move aside to let them pass. There is a significant misunderstanding, mostly based on a lack of information about their Hasidic way of life and traditions. Mostly, they do not socialize outside of their group, and most people would not be able to say they had a Hasidic friend.  That does not seem to matter to them at all.  As long as they have each other, everything is right with the world so far as they are concerned. No one is curious about them, and so far as they are concerned that is fine with them.  

I care about the Jewish people because I have known many Jewish people, here in the US, and Israelis as well.  They are a proud people, but there single-mindedness when confronted with a problem is impressive.  Their tenacity is quite amazing.  After all, these are God's chosen people.  It makes me very sad to think that they were the ones who were prepared to receive The Messiah.  The foundation to receive Jesus was not as strong as God would have liked, and in fact despite the incredible historical sacrifices made, largely crumbled in Jesus's family and those surrounding his family.

Consider this. What would be an ideal environment in which Jesus could grow up?  Would God have preferred Jesus to grow up in the house of the Jewish high priest Zachariah, or would it be better to have Jesus born in a manger? Because of the squabbles between Mary and her sister Elizabeth,  Mary was forced to flee and endure a suffering path.  This disunity also foretold the failure of John the Baptist to support Jesus later in life despite his revelation at the river Jordan.  If John the Baptist had claimed that he was indeed Elijah as Jesus said he was, who in Israel would have disputed his claim, and who would have doubted the Jesus was the Messiah?

Unfortunately, there are millions of Jews in the spiritual world shaking their heads trying to understand why their ancestors missed the coming of Jesus as the Messiah.  This is deeply troubling to many, many Jews, all the way from the regular guy to the most astute Rabbi.  How much has Jesus suffered not to have been able to embrace his own people and have them receive Him?  The suffering of God and Jesus on this issue just goes on and on.

Back to the men on top hats. No one sees where they come from and no one sees where they go, they probably make this trip often, but the start and endpoints are always in the shadows, invisible to the naked eye.

In lots of ways, this mirrors the daily routines of our businesses, customers walk into and out of our field of vision, some stop and buy things, some browse a while, and some just walk straight past. In the quiet moments each day, you possibly sometimes consider those visitors as you would the elusive man, what are they doing? Where are they going? If they were paying customers, you might be wondering, how they are getting on with your product? Or what they were planning to do with it?

And this is the lesson, you never know your customer’s story, where they have come from or where they are going. Even with repeat or long-standing customers, you have only a short glance into the window of their lives and business that you are exposed to when they are giving you details about their purchase of your product. So what details do you need to help you keep in touch with them and get as good an idea of their needs in the shortest possible time?

Some customers could simply be looking for a solution to a tiny problem, they may buy your product or service, thinking it will help them, but they may never actually make use of it. Others may be planning for your products or services to be the cornerstone of their own business. But how will you know when all you get is that brief window?

It’s tempting to just treat online customers as disposable assets, after all, you never actually meet them, and the thought is that the Internet is vast so there is always another customer. There are mechanisms that allow you to build an online rapport with your customers, blogs, forums, chat rooms, etc. that allow you to personalize and expand the relationship you have with that footfall.

If you can engage with them via these methods, you will often find out the destination they are working towards, and discover that you have more to offer them. And that’s a win-win. A better service for them and more repeat sales for you.

But in our story, no one ever engages with the men in the top hats, they only ever see them as they pass through the street. Who are they? What do they do every day? All unexplored mysteries that you as a business owner must make it your goal to find out and not let that visitor pass you by.

Markethive facilitates that connection in so many ways.  We have a newsfeed for communication.  You have detailed information on every one of your associates, it is only up to you to reach out.

Thank you for the read.

John Lombaerde


What is the value of a Markethive Affiliate?

What is the value of a Markethive Affiliate?

What is a Markethive Affiliate worth? In terms of the benefit to your affiliate, if your affiliate upgrades to entrepreneur one, on this last day of the promotion, it could be worth a small fortune to him. As an entrepreneur, you must know this very well.

 There will be many lucrative upgrade opportunities coming.  But what is the value to you, as an entrepreneur?  I am talking about the dollar value here, actually.  Your affiliate sign up receives 500 Markethive coins and so do you, but what is the value of that Markethive coin?  

How much effort should you spend to find affiliates? Even if you are promoting your own product or service, why should you bother to find new affiliates? First of all, you have a team of affiliates to work with, should you decide on any kind of coop sales or marketing effort.

Is it worth your time and effort or not?  I would like to point out that it is a highly lucrative endeavor, and point out why I firmly believe this is true. 

Now that we have BIX, (Banner Impression Exchange), we have a highly profitable money machine for every entrepreneur. Even if you have no other source of income, (which most of us must have at this point at the beginning of this journey), the income from even one entrepreneur system will very likely be an adequate full-time income for most people.

Supposing you looked at the Markethive coin you receive from bringing in new affiliates as a deposit in a kind of savings account. Since we do not have a method to exchange Markethive coin at present, it is a useful and quite correct analogy.  

If you bring in one affiliate per day, you will be rewarded with 500 Markethive coins. If you leave your coins in your account, you will have no interest in cashing them in immediately when the Markethive Wallet becomes available.  It could be one month from now, it could be longer.

Let's say the Markethive coin will be worth $ 0.10 when the wallet is released.  There will likely be a kind of rush to cash in on their 500 coins by many people new to Markethive.  After all, that is the main reason why many signed up into Markethive in the first place, right?

Supposing you find one affiliate a day for six months and you hang on to your Markethinve for that amount of time. If the price of the Markethinve coin doubles during that time to $0.20 do you realize how much you have made?  After 180 days X 500 coins = 90,000 Markethive coins with a value of 90,000 X $ 0.20 = $ 18,000. Not a bad side hustle in addition to BIX, right?

If you wait another six months, (one year total) until the price of the Markethive coin reaches $ 0.50, (which it very likely will), you will have accumulated 180,000 Markethive coins X $0.50 = $ 90,000. Not bad at all, right?  If the price should go to $ 1.00 you will be jumping up and down with joy, no doubt!

I believe the price of the Markethive coin could easily reach one dollar within one year from the time the wallet is completed, but of course, that is pure speculation.

How much time will you need to invest each day to achieve this kind of result?  By my calculation only about one hour per day, that is all.  Not a bad return on investment for an hour of your time is it?

If you are wondering how to achieve this, you could invest in advertising if you choose, which might work well for you.  Unfortunately, most of the traffic-generating sites are hit or miss and you could waste a lot of your time or your money.

OR you could do this using a free LinkedIn account.  Just join my Original LinkedIn Group and find out what to do.

Click here —–>  Please if you have any questions, I am only a message away, please ask.


Thanks for reading this blog post.

John Lombaerde

PS – if you would like to combine manual and automated methods for even greater results for a small monthly fee, let me know and again I will show you how by joining my Original LinkedIn Group.

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Tomorrow is Dawning

Tomorrow is Dawning

As humans, we naturally dream and think about the future, what
will it be like? Where will we be? Will we get the income we have been dreaming of, or the
partner we most want? Will we achieve all those dreams that we
had when we were younger and planned out our future?
As Entrepreneurs, as Internet Marketers, we have a plan in place,
and that plan is all about getting to our future.

What was your reason for starting your business? Why did you become an Internet
Marketer? Was it to earn some extra money? Did you want to be
your own boss?

Maybe you needed something that allowed you to
work your own hours rather than the nine to five rat-race.
Whatever your reason you started down this path and put
together a plan for your future.

If you are just starting out, you may be thinking about your immediate goals,
what do you need to achieve in the short term for this to be a viable career?
If you are an old hand, with many campaigns and sales behind you, then what are
your goals now? How do they compare with what you wanted to
achieve when you started out?

Each day is a step into the future, it brings new challenges, new
products, new ways of selling. Ten years ago, who knew that nearly
every person in the developed and developing countries would
have what amounts to a new super computer in their pockets.

Yes, you heard that right, a super computer, a modern
smartphone has more computing power than all the computing
power for all the Apollo space missions combined, and on all those
devices is the ability to send and receive messages and browse the
internet twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

You can be marketing and selling your products even when you are asleep, to
anyone, anywhere, at any moment. That’s the future we live in right now,
what new advancements might come with the following dawn who can even guess.
The one thing we know is that the future is always in motion. You can make
plans for where you want to be, but make sure those plans can move
and evolve just like the future does.

Don’t think about the financial goals you want to reach, instead
think about the life goals and experiences you want to achieve, and
make your business work to support them. As important as our work
and careers are to us they are not the primary reason for a human to
be alive.

Many of the most successful business people on the planet will
say the first thing you must have to be successful is a strong work
ethic above all else, success comes with hard work.
But here is the question to ask yourself as you plan your own
tomorrow. When the dawn breaks do you want a lot of zeros in a
computerized bank, or do you want a life full of experiences and

Work to enrich your life, not to define it. Don’t plan for a future that is
so far away that it may not even exist when you finally get there. Plan 
and work for the experiences and joys you can have along the way too.

The Dawn Of Tomorrow is now at hand here in Markethive.


John Lombaerde


Where can I find a gig?

Where can I find a gig?

These are some of the best places to find freelance work.  (Courtesy of

Consider this: Freelancers are expected to become the U.S. workforce majority in the near future. That means we can expect to see more and more freelancing job boards appear. That's not to say we need them. Take a look at the Google search results for “freelance jobs.” You’ll find hundreds of websites that can connect you with prospective clients.

The problem, however, is that not all job boards are created equal. Some are a bit suspicious, causing both freelancers and businesses to question their legitimacy. Others are meant only for seasoned veterans. There are also boards capable of finding work quickly for freelancers, but they won’t get paid very much. Consider it the "price of entry" to the freelance realm.

These obstacles make finding freelance work more complicated than it has to be. That’s why I’ve put together a list of 18 freelance sites to help entrepreneurs find their next gig. Each of these sites is reputable and can be used by freelancers of all experience levels, empowering people to make the most of their skills in a shaky economy.

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1. Toptal

If you’re a freelancer designer, developer, financial expert, product manager or project manager, you can find hourly, part-time or full-time work at Toptal. The catch is that Toptal has a rigorous screening process, meaning typically only the top 3 percent of freelance talent that applies is accepted.

This is better suited for talented freelancers who have some previous experience under their belt. However, if you're accepted, you can be certain that you’ll receive competitive compensation.

2. Fiverr

There are a couple of things that make Fiverr stand out from other leading freelance marketplaces. Users get to list the specific jobs where they excel. When I started podcasting, I hired someone on Fiverr to design my cover and another person to create the intro. When I had trouble getting the podcast listed on iTunes, I enlisted another expert to help solve the mystery.

Secondly, because most gigs start at $5, this is a great place to launch your freelancing career. After you land some clients and build up your portfolio, you can start charging more for your services.

3. PeoplePerHour

For more than a decade, PeoplePerHour has been helping freelancers land web-based projects. This site has areas like marketing, SEO and software engineering. What makes it so appealing is that it streamlines the process of signing up. Client communication, project management and payments are all handled in one dashboard.

You can send 15 proposals to clients before having to sign up for the paid plan. However, you can still browse listings and get notified of new openings, even if you don’t sign up for the paid plan.

4. Upwork

Upwork has been around in some form for years. Elance and oDesk were formed in 1999 and 2003, respectively, and merged to found Upwork. Today, Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world, hosting millions of freelancers in industries like design, development, accounting, marketing, writing and customer service.

Like Toptal, freelancers can find short-term tasks, recurring projects and even full-time contract work. Upwork is good for both entry-level and experienced freelancers because of the variety of work listed.

5. Freelancer

Freelancer states that it’s the “the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace,” connecting more than 30 million employees and freelancers across 247 countries. With Freelancer, you can a find a couple of different ways to work. The first way is by creating a profile that highlights your freelancing skills. When a client needs your specific skills, he can chat with you in real time.

The other way is by browsing for work and placing bids on projects that match your talents and interests. When your work is complete, you’ll receive a secure payment via the site’s Milestone Payment System.

6. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a job search engine that helps people find remote or local work in 12 different countries. SimplyHired contains more than 100 job boards, meaning you'll have access to millions of job openings ranging from marketing to customer service. You can even find nursing and warehouse work.

You can also search for both part-time and full-time work, making SimplyHired a great platform to quickly land a job. It produces a blog that contains helpful advice on how to make yourself more attractive to recruiters.

7. 99designs

99designs should be your go-to marketplace if you’re designer. Anyone truly skilled in creating logos and web and app design can find a home here. Creative freelancers can search for jobs where clients need someone to create marketing materials, packaging or merchandise like T-shirts.

The site also provides numerous resources to assist designers in enhancing their skills. These resources include how-to tips, tutorials, tool kits, e-books and even interviews with seasoned designers.

8. Aquent

Are you a creative professional or a digital marketing expert? If so, you can land your next gig through Aquent. The site gives freelancers the chance to find remote or on-site work in the U.S. You can also find work in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Australia or Japan.

What’s most appealing about Aquent is that its Gymnasium offers free online courses that can help you strengthen your existing talent.

9. The Creative Group

The Creative Group is part of the large Robert Half staffing agency. The site is meant for individuals in creative fields like art, copywriting, photography, graphic design and marketing. You can find temporary, project-based or full-time work.

Simply upload your resume to the site or share your LinkedIn profile. Robert Half's specialists find the right job for your specific expertise and preferences from there.

10. Envato Studio

Envato Studio was established by designers, developers and creatives. This studio can help you land short-term or long-term projects. When a client needs your unique skill set, he browses the site to compare portfolios and pricing. You'll receive recommendations from the Envato Studio community.

Once you're hired, Envato Studio holds the payment until the job is completed and the client is satisfied with the work. Throughout the course of the project, the platform gives you a chance to receive real-time feedback from the client. You can be certain you’re on the right track with this direct communication.


Founded by Sara Sutton, who previously founded FlexJobs, this site has been a leading virtual team site for more than a decade. is a great platform for anyone who wants to work remotely.

Whether you’re a designer, developer, customer service rep, writer, recruiter or sales professional, can help anyone who’s ever dreamed of becoming a digital nomad. If you’re new to remote work, there’s also a handy blog that can help you get started on the right foot.

12. DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd has dubbed itself the No. 1 custom design marketplace in the world. Similar to 99designs, this site lets designers find work. You can design logos, website, business cards, T-shirts and even tattoos.

Clients can select short deadline submissions, such as three to five days. Project turnover is incredibly quick. If you need some extra cash, you can also enter design contests through the site.

13. FlexJobs

This site has more than 50 different career categories for freelancers, virtual workers and full-time employees. FlexJobs is a popular platform for anyone searching for remote or flexible work. All open positions are screened in advance, so you can rest assured that the jobs that have been posted are legitimate.

You have to pay to join, with plans starting at $14.95 per month. You can also participate in skill tests, attend webinars and read up on tips to help your job search. Best of all, you have access to exclusive discounts through partnering websites.

14. Krop

Krop is a job board solely for creatives, like copywriters, photographers and designers. On top of creating a profile to showcase your experience, you can use Krop to build and host your portfolio.

Another perk of using Krop it that it's a site that promotes freelancers to clients searching for new team members.

15. Authentic Jobs

Since 2005, Authentic Jobs has been connecting creative and web professionals to find freelancers. You can contract or moonlight on the job with companies like Apple, Facebook, ESPN or The Motley Fool for free. If you're a freelancer interested in working with these companies, start browsing listings for everything from content strategists to back-end developers to project managers.

Because compensation can range anywhere from under $29,000 to more than $100,000 annually, it’s a nice platform for freelancers of all experience levels.

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16. LocalSolo

Recently acquired by Communo, LocalSolo is unlike other freelance marketplaces. It's a localized freelance job board where you can find gigs in your neck of the woods.

It’s free to use, and it doesn’t charge commission fees; it also lets you customize your profile. When you and a client connect, you communicate directly. This way, you can discuss the scope of the project, rates and contracts. As a member of LocalSolo, you also receive discounts from partners like Shopify, FreshBooks, Adobe and DreamHost.

17. Working Nomads

Working Nomads sends you a curated list of remote jobs in areas like development, management, marketing, design, sales and education.

You have the option to receive these notices daily or weekly. You also have the option to find temporary projects or regular employment. Just keep in mind that not every gig is 100 percent remote; some jobs may require you to train on-site or work part-time from home.

18. LinkedIn ProFinder

Chances are high that you already have a LinkedIn profile. Why not get the most out of it? LinkedIn is used by more than 420 million members in some 200 countries, making LinkedIn one of the best resources for connecting professionals.

LinkedIn has more recently decided to get into the freelance game with ProFinder. This gives small business owners and other professionals a chance to hire freelance accountants, bookkeepers, designers, marketers and copywriters. ProFinder also offers career coaches. Your personal coach will review your resume and prepare you for interviews to help advance your freelance career.

Now or at any other time, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and unable to move forward with your entrepreneurial goals. But these sites can empower you to find opportunities that will maximize your skills and allow you to grow your side work into something bigger.


Through the Door or the Window

Through The Door Or The Window


I’m sure we’ve all heard that quote “when life closes a door, it opens a window”. It’s such an old and often quoted (and misquoted) phrase that I cannot even find the original author of this bit of wisdom.

It’s not entirely true of course, there are innumerable instances where closing a door doesn’t open a window of any sort, it just leads you through a better door. The premise, however, is more than when one thing ends, that ending also serves as a new beginning. We can simplify this even further, and break every decision or occurrence down to a simple binary equation, there are actually only ever two answers, a zero or a one, a true or a false, a yes or a no.

Humans don’t really like absolutes, we like the grey areas, the wriggle room, the opportunity to change our minds and try something else. But that is all an illusion. It still resolves back to a two-choice system.

I’m sure many of us have seen Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. In it our heroes ship is stuck in a swamp and the wizened old Jedi Master Yoda tells our young hero that the force will allow him to free the ship. Our hero doesn’t believe but says he will try. Yoda replies “Try not, do or do not there is no try…” and our hero tries and fails to free his ship. Defeated, the hero tells his master that he asks for the impossible. The master simply goes and performs the feat our hero just failed at and tells the hero that he failed because he didn’t believe he could succeed. What they never allude to in the film is the fact that the hero gave up and failed because to succeed all he had to do was re-evaluate and try again. Belief is not often needed in practical tasks, just do it again differently.

The master’s words of “do or do not, there is no try” were actually a test, a lesson that we all sometimes need to learn.

We too can try and complicate life by adding windows and doors and speeches and beliefs and give the illusion of more choices. But it still comes down to a two-choice system, to act or not to act.

If you choose to act, you again have two-choices, within that action, and so on.

In our businesses, overcomplicating scenarios for ourselves is to overcomplicate our minds and make it feel a big mountain than it is. Instead, look at it from a decision tree point of view, yes or no, leads to the next yes or no, and the next and the next.

Just make a decision, and stick with it.

These words come at a critical time in the development of Markethive.

The Banner Impression Exchange will be released on May 1st. There are many of us who have invested and have been waiting for the official launch of Markethive, some of us for several years.  If you remember the Bible verse in Proverbs 13:12 that says "Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a desire fulfilled is a tree of life".  Those of us who have been waiting patiently are about to discover the tree of life.

What is the tree of life exactly? For an entrepreneur, it is simply a stable consistent monthly income that can support yourself and your family.  So many entrepreneurs are looking for this tree of life it is a tragic fact really that many will never achieve their hearts desire?  Why is that?  There are so many marketers out there who are simply interested in their own welfare at the expense of others.

Most MLM companies sell hopes and dreams, but only a very small percentage of their membership every achieve it.  We know that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I have to say that there is a fundamental flaw in a business model that rewards the few and leaves so much disappointment and shattered hopes and dreams in its wake.

Most Internet Marketers capitalize on the hoards of hungry entrepreneurs that want to become successful, but they only provide one small piece of the puzzle that will lead to success.  Their bread and butter is the seemingly insatiable appetite for online success. Again, just like most MLM companies, they promise big riches for a small investment.  Their customers are led down a never-ending rabbit hole of hopes and dreams that will never be fulfilled. 

The current upgrade to entrepreneur one from Markethive is truly an opportunity like no other. Many of our current Markethivers who have already upgraded to entrepreneur one have been posting about this extensively over the past few weeks.  The reason for this is that everyone wants to make sure that they share the wealth with other prospective entrepreneurs.  Please, please do not let this opportunity pass you by.

Click here to find out more ————–>


A Better Mousetrap

Build A Better Mousetrap


How many times have you encountered the phrase “a better mousetrap”? You may have used it yourself, or been told to go and build one. As entrepreneurs we’re always looking for that next golden product, the next big thing; basically a better mousetrap.

Quite a few years ago, a very smart man realised that in many ways we have already invented most things that we’re capable of inventing, but that doesn’t mean to say these inventions are perfect, far from it in fact, he realised that there were and are fortunes to be made not in developing new never before seen products but in taking an existing product or concept and perfecting it.

I am of course referring to Steve Jobs (may he rest in peace) and the iPhone. Mobile phones and indeed smartphones had existed for years before the iPhone stormed the world in 2007. In its first iteration, it was far from perfect when compared to some of the other smartphones on the market at the time. But what Steve Job achieved was perfect packaging, perfect marketing. He looked at the most popular features on smartphones at the time and took those features and tweaked them, made them easier to use for the masses, packaged it all up in an easy to use interface using premium hardware (and materials) and created a product that everyone wanted.

When we talk about smartphones now, you can truly say that Apple created a better mousetrap conceptually, but it wasn’t and isn’t perfect, it still has issues even today over ten years later. But it still has the marketing and luxury feel that keep us going back for the new versions time and time again.

Samsung has achieved something similar with their Galaxy range but while in some markets those products sell better, they are certainly now as well marketed as their Apple rivals.

In our world as online marketeers we’re always looking at for the next big hit, we often forget that if we’ve been running for a while, we could have a vast back catalogue of past products, that might have a new lease of life if given “the better mousetrap” treatment. Could your latest product be a lynchpin to drive interest to your back-catalogue? Do you have old products that still have a lot of worth and life left in them and actually just need a fresh coat of paint to make them useful and pertinent in the marketplace once more?

This is true of products and services, and it is certainly true of blog posts as well.  I heard some people say, "How can I do a podcast?  What would I talk about?"  Yet they have dozens or hundreds of posts on a blog they have been nuturing for several years.  Why not take the best of those posts, and make them into podcast episodes?

It’s not always about having the newest product or pushing the boundaries and doing something that no one has done before, sometimes the way to get noticed is to simply perfect an existing product that hadn’t quite reached its stride yet.

If we talk about Markethive, is it a product or a service?  We could debate this, but due to the fact that Markethive is a subcscription and it is used over and over again, I would say it is a service more than a product.

Did Markethive invent social networking? Certainly not, but Markethive did invent the market network for the entrepreneur.  Did Markethive invent the blockchain?  No, but Markethive is the first entrepreneurial market network based on the blockchain.

It is undoubtedly the best value of any service on the Internet today. It has taken quite a bit of time to mature, and now this is certainly the time in which it is about to bear substantial fruit.  With the release of the Banner Impression Exchange on May 1st, the primary income generating machine will be released and it will make entrepreneur one subscribers thousands of dollars per month.  It requires a bit of a leap of faith, but considering the price will jump to $ 1.500 per month after April 30th, the advantage you get for upgrading before that date is substantial.

Please review this offer and make your decision before May 1st. 

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New York City in the Snow

New York City in the Snow

Have you ever seen New York in the snow?

On normal days,New York is not dissimilar to any other sprawling metropolis dotted around the globe. Compared to some it might have more history, it may look antiquated and quaint. But it has certain similarities to all of them, hundreds of thousands commute into New York for work every day, some may live there, some not, some will socialise there, some not, there are people living and working in New York who grew up there, but most were born somewhere else. There are over 800 languages spoken in New York City. For this reason, New York is often recognized as the world's most linguistically diverse city. 

But when the working day is over, and the people have gone home, you will see the city laid bare, it’s dirty and noisy, sometimes not very well maintained, there are good bits and bad bits. If you were to walk around New York you might think that the city is near to collapsing under the weight of the sins committed by its inhabitants. You might feel that the air pollution is a result not of the cars and trucks and buses but the exhaled breath of the buildings trying to clear their throats, or the souls in the pursuit of capitalism to which they have been subjected. Sometimes it feels that no matter what might change there is no way it could ever get clean again.

The history, the people, the businesses all combine together in a stew of greed and capitalism, similar stews can be found across the globe. But then occasionally something funny happens, something that reminds us all that it is simply a thin veneer, a mask that hides the true city and its people. It’ll snow…

New York in the snow is simply one of the most beautiful and incredible places in the world, even the most hardened of capitalists can be seen shrugging off the business mask and enjoying the sheer beauty that the falling snowflakes bestow upon the city. The news media will always predict the worst when snow hits, and people will stay away, but if you do venture in, you’ll see magic in the making. In the exact same city with added snow you see the true beauty of each person that normally day to day is masked away.

People will stop and gaze at white parks and snowflake encrusted trees and bushes, the whole city will have a glistening sheen across it that seems to promise that all is not lost, magic still lives there and all you have to do is let it in. People might smile easier and forget about the late or non-running trains when the city is graced with white flakes. There is a air of joy and relaxation that isn’t there the rest of the year.

Stop and look around you right now, where you are now, be it at work, at home on a train or plane. Does life feel magical or is it simply one more stressful situation you’re moving through to get to the next one? Wouldn’t you feel happier if you could look around and see fields of pristine white, promising you that everything is new again? That’s what New York in the snow feels like, it feels like a fresh start.

Do we honour it or lead it to ruin? In every situation, think of snow. Be it stressful or anxious, there are reasons to find joy and something to embrace and move forward with. We just have to see those opportunities as beauty and grab them, move forward not from a stressful place but from one of joy and newness, just like New York seems to when it snows…

I don't know why, headed into spring I thought of this.  Maybe it was images of the city with no traffic due to this stay at home period. The streets are empty now as though there had been a snowfall.  But the bustle will not return in a day or two like it does after it snows. There is no sense of when the city might return to it's bustling former life.  There is an eerie shadow hanging over the city right now. Even some billboards in Time Square are now empty.  New York just seems sad right now, almost like it did after 911, except that the rebound was swift and energetic after that tragedy.  This current epidemic is just silently taking hundreds of lives every day, and the statistics are heart and mind numbing.

These images of New York City in the snow are somehow comforting since they were taken under more "normal" circumtances.

The most important thing right now is to remain optimistic, as difficult as that may be. This time will pass, and although the scars still may show for quite a while, we have to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Just as our faith in God should be unchanging, so should our ultimate optimism be steadfast as a rock.  We believe in a better future because God cannot leave the world as it is.  Ultimately there are enough holy and righteous men and women on the earth that God cannot and will not abandon this earth until we see the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Since you are here in Markethive, what should you do during this historical time?

Review these 2 videos below and make your decision to upgrade to entrepreneur one.  This is the best way to insure you and your family's prosperity for now, and well into the future.

Thank you and best success in all of your endeavors!


John Lombaerde



Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

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I’m sure you’re familiar with the song ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ by Bob Dylan, a truly great classic folk song that has been covered by many musicians over the years.

What you might not know is that it was originally written for the film Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. The song plays in the scene where Sheriff Colin Baker, an ally of Pat Garret has been shot by Billy the Kid; Baker and his wife are down by a riverside in the final moments of his life and his death actually takes place offscreen.

So you could say that the song is about endings and death, but if you change your thinking slightly you could actually say that it’s also about rebirth and new beginnings – the next step on the universal journey. It might mean starting the life you were always meant to lead, it could be starting that new business or job, bringing on a new set of products or launching into a new business sector. It might be more personal, moving in with a partner, getting married, starting a family. But as with all things, for something new to begin something has to end.

In our lives and our businesses, there will be many deaths and rebirths, old ideas and concepts die hard, but they make way for the new ones. Yes, we could be afraid of change, but that fear isn’t going to stop those changes from coming to pass. So, why not embrace it as something new with the potential to grow?

We started our businesses to change our lives, was it to enrich them? To get away from a scenario that was holding us back? Maybe we wanted to readdress our life/work balance, but in a very real way what we’re all trying to do is get our own little slice of heaven. Where things come together and fit just right.

So here’s the lesson for us – we’re conditioned to see the endings and to be fearful of them, to fight against them, to hold onto what we had before and not let it go, but each and every ending has to happen at exactly that moment for our new beginning to form. Sometimes it might indeed be painful, but it was always going to happen! You can choose to embrace and wallow in pain of loss, or you can choose to take it as a lesson in life, learn from it, analyse its’ cause, absorb it, then consign it to where it has to be… the past. Leave it there and move onto the adventure, the new opportunity, apply the lessons the past have imparted on you and before you know it, the next knocking you hear could very well be you knocking on the door of the heaven you have been seeking to create. As Timon famously told his buddy Pumbaa in Disney's "The Lion King", sometimes you have to put your behind in your past.

I am not sure how many Markethivers realize that with the enterprenur one upgrade this is very much like knockin' on heaven's door right now.  The $ 100 offer is only available until May 1st.  This the door of opportunity knockin' and everyone would be wise to open this door while you can.

It may sound like a pretty bold statement, but never before in the history of internet marketing has there been such an offer.  To either the naiive or uninitiated, it may not look like that.  I understand this. You may have seen so many posts on the newsfeed recently you may think it is hype, but it is certainly not.  Please take a close look at this opportunity before it slips through your fingers, and time runs out.


PS – Here are a couple of fine covers of Bob Dylan's song.  I hope you agree.  (From the french blind auditions of the voice)

Also this cover –