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The Most Amazing Marketing Software Ever

The Most Amazing Marketing Software Ever

Now if that is the title to your blog post, you better have something pretty incredible to talk about, right?

Hang with me through to the end of this post, and you will not be disappointed, I promise you.


Now you probably have heard the expression, "the money is in the list", right?  There are internet marketers who literally spend thousands of dollars in advertising, opt-in offers, SEO, and all kinds of social media marketing methods to acquire lists of potential buyers. These efforts are not in vain, they are well-honed marketing methods by some very savvy marketers if they have become successful at acquiring prospects, whatever method they use.

Bear with me for a second here, while I diverge a bit.  Do you know who your competition is?  Let's say you are a business coach, do you know who the most successful business coaches are in that market?  You can simply Google "best business coach" to find out, right?  This goes for any niche, whether you are a network marketer, an MLM person in the health market, a personal trainer, a cryptocurrency trader, or any of the myriad of niches out there, (and there are thousands). You should know this information for your own business.

Supposing you could acquire their entire social media following on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn? You could then follow everyone in their network. It is common for many people to automatically follow people who begin to follow them, right? In the case of LinkedIn, how would you like to automatically send an invitation to everyone that is a 1st level connection of one of your competitors, so that you could communicate with them and message them?

Just think about this for a minute. How valuable would that be?  It would be very valuable information would it not?

If you could do nearly instant research on one of your competitors you are connected to on LinkedIn, how valuable would the following information on them be?

Take a look at the screenshot above.  You have the titles of the kinds of people they connect with on the left. On the right, you have a list of the top 10 groups of which this particular connection, (one of your competitors), is a member.  All of the groups of which they are a member are listed on the upper right, and common groups of which you are a member are listed on the lower right.

Imagine that this is the software that would also automatically allow you to follow all of your competitor's Instagram and Twitter followers and also invite your competitors 1st level connections on LinkedIn?

Now imagine that this software is totally free?  You would probably ask me what's the catch, right?  Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch. Btw, do not pay attention to the tabs on the screenshot above, they are not part of the free version.

Ok, so here is the catch.  I am giving you this software, (called Success Spy as you can see from the screenshot above), so you will buy lists of followers and connections from me.  This means complete lists of your competitor's Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and all of their LinkedIn 1st level connections.

Now you are going to ask me how much would this list cost?  I think you know how valuable it would be to have thousands of these acquired leads.  The answer is I am willing to sell them very, very inexpensively to Markethive members. The price will start very, very, very low, and will only rise if I have trouble keeping up with the workload, but I really do not think that is going to be a problem.

If I could send you this kind of list of say 10,000 follows and connections of one of your competitors for $ 100.00 would that work for you? That is exactly one penny per lead. Of course, if you only want 1,000 of their followers and connections, it would only cost $ 10.00.  Please do not send me a request for less than 1,000 followers and connections.  Thanks. I think it would be a great idea for you to pick up this free software and give this service a whirl, even if you only spend $ 10.00 or $ 20.00 to test it out.

I can assure you that there is no one, and I mean no one anywhere that will provide this kind of information at this price.  If you find someone willing to do this for less, let me know, and your list will be free.

This software will be available very soon on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please leave your comment below if you are interested, and I will provide the link for you as soon as it is available.  Even if you do not buy acquired leads from me, the software is free for you to use in your market research as a gift from me to you.

Thanks for reading this post.  I am excited about taking this journey together.  I am very sure we can help each other to gain great prosperity.


John Lombaerde

God Bless you and God Bless Markethive – the best inbound marketing method on the Internet




The 10 Habits of Unsuccessful People

The 10 Bad Habits of Unsuccessful People

I am sure you have heard of the book by Stephen Covey, "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People."

This post is not about that book.  Well, it is the companion post to that book.

Not only should you learn the habits of successful people, but you also need to reduce or eliminate bad habits as well.

If you are stuck in bad habits it will simply become very difficult to become successful.  That is a fact.

Some of these habits I will list may be painful to read about, if you are stuck with any one of them.  Better to experience the pain of knowing the truth so that you can change your character before too many years go by and they become rooted in your bad character for life.

1) Arrogance – This is one of the greatest self-destroyers I can think of.  People who think they are so great that they are above reproach.  They are always praising themselves and are totally blind to the ways in which they build themselves up and tear others down to feel superior to others.  This is nothing but a big fat lie that will destroy your relationships with others, and even your family. It takes a lifetime of practice to learn humility.

2) Talking the talk and not walking the walk – if you do not live by your own words you will be perceived as insincere or a phony.  It will be difficult to build the trust you need to engage in successful and profitable business relationships.  A business thrives under conditions of mutual benefit.  If the seesaw leans too much to one side, that person will get off and abandon the relationship sooner or later.

3) Constant distraction – If you are constantly distracted by others, or by your own lack of discipline or focus you will find it hard to get things accomplished in any meaningful way. Do not be distracted by any of the following.  Email, Social Media, telephone calls, etc. Maintain a balance and a discipline to allow no more time than necessary to any one task.  Especially do not allow personal things to invade your work time.

4) Wrong Contacts – this is another big one. Friends are for time off work. By the same token, business time is for productive relationships with good suppliers, good customers.  Anyone who does not qualify as either one should be eliminated from your schedule.

5) Negative attitude – people in business like associates with positive and uplifting people, not negative ones.  So what if you are having a bad day.  Find a way to turn the negative into a positive.

6) Procrastination – this is another big one. Some people have made this a standard way of doing things for years.  Difficult tasks and decisions get put off as long as possible. The best way to deal with a difficult situation is to confront it head on and deal with it as soon as possible.  Procrastination also tends to make problems worse if they are left unresolved.

7) Meanness – I once worked for a CEO that continually berated and cursed out those around him.  Everyone around him was no good and inferior, and he let them know it on a daily basis.  His office was a revolving door of people leaving not because of their own shortcomings but because of the meanness of the boss.  Being nice goes a long way.

8) Failure to listen – this is one of my pet peeves.  If you cannot listen to others, this is a sign of lack of respect.  Sometimes in any company, the best ideas do not come from the top.  They may come from those at the grassroots level that have the most experience in a particular area, not those who manage them.  Good advice is good advice no matter where it comes from.  Listening to others is an acquired skill attained only by those with open minds.

9) Laziness – Nothing is worse for employee moral than to see someone that is lazy. Regardless if they are doing the same job, or if they are a boss, laziness is intolerable, but especially by the leadership of a company.

10) Giving up – Hopefulness and cheerfulness is contagious, and so is the opposite.  Fear of failure can be almost as bad. Regardless of difficulties or obstacles faced, a cheerful attitude can inspire others and giving up leads only to hopelessness and failure.


I sincerely hope you are not a victim of any of the above bad habits.  Even a small amount of these tendencies can have a negative effect on your own happiness and success and others around you.

Best of success in eliminating any of these bad habits that you might fall victim to, and best of luck in all your endeavors.


John Lombaerde



Which do you prefer?

Coke vs Pepsi – McDonald's vs Burger King

The age-old argument: did you have it with your friends when you were a kid? Which one tastes better Pepsi or Coca Cola? Each of us fosters our own opinion on the matter, but in more recent years the field has been further muddied with other “colas” from the mainstream stores and niche brands. Does Virgin Cola still exist? (I’m not actually quite sure). Here in NJ we used to have Jolt cola.  It advertised it had twice the caffeine of regular Cola.  I don't know if it is still around.

But whichever your preference, I’m sure at one time or another in your life you have debated which is better with your friends. In many instances, you’ll stubbornly stand beside your personal preference and fight that corner for far longer than is necessary. Let’s be honest, whether you had this argument in the playground or in the pub, we all know that it didn’t get resolved. You each kept your own opinions, someone probably raised the issue that if you put a filthy penny into a glass of Coca Cola, it’ll come out pristinely clean and what would that be doing to your insides? It’s always specifically “Coca Cola” in that argument, but the truth is Pepsi is just as effective a cleaning agent. All colas are basically the same.

The same argument takes place around McDonald's and Burger King.  Personally, I think you should avoid them both for health reasons, but that is another issue.

At the end of the day, it’s all about marketing and in many ways your parent’s preference or the lineage of that brand. You’ll often choose one or the other because it was their choice too, or it may be peer pressure from your first school that made you favor one over the other.

The same is true in many other areas, from foodstuffs to politics, to technology. For example, you’ll vote for the same political party that your parents did, and in most cases, you won’t really understand why. If you actually sat down and thought about it, you probably wouldn’t want to vote for any of them, but again your logic says you have to vote for somebody, so you pick what you know.

A similar debate exists around social media platforms.  Facebook and LinkedIn dominate the discussion around which is more effective, but there is plenty of competition in this space.  Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Quora, Reddit, Meetup, and a newcomer, Tiktok, they each have their followers and detractors, but any debate over which is the best really depends on your purpose for joining the social network in the first place.  Is it for personal or professional reasons?  If it for personal reasons, everyone has their favorite for one reason or another.

If you joined a social network for business reasons, I think it is worth pointing out the differences because it makes a difference where you spend your time, or where you invest your precious advertising dollars.

Simply put, in terms of business relationships, LinkedIn is hands down the best place to develop your connections, post, form groups, share, etc. of any of the social networks. I do not advertise on social networks, so you may have advertising favorites, but so far as doing the typical social networking things, aside from advertising, I believe LinkedIn is far and away the best social network to be on, and where you can gain the best results for your time investment, based on my experience.

Note:  the following section was posted in my Original LinkedIn group. https://markethive.com/group/linkedin

My suggestion to set up a group on LinkedIn is working moderately well. I think one of the keys to being successful here on Markethive is making small efforts on a consistent basis. That is one reason that I have managed to accumulate over 200,000 Markethive coins, mostly from inviting new associates to Markethive.

I do post and share on the newsfeed on a regular basis, not because of the faucet micropayments, but it is something I enjoy. Bringing associates into Markethive in an of itself is a profitable business. Even if the Markethive coin is only worth 0.10 at the moment, I have managed to accumulate $20,000.00, right? I am planning to hold these coins until the Markethive coin is worth $ 1.00. Now that is something even more substantial, right?

I am bringing one new associate into Markethive on a regular daily basis. This is nothing to brag about, I know, but it is something substantial, if you look at it over the course of a year, as I have calculated above.

After just a few weeks, I now have over 150 members in my group on LinkedIn. Many of these have joined Markethive. Here is the link if you would like to visit.


You can see that there is a clear invitation to join Markethive on my group home page. I am using every method I can think of to invite members to this group.

Remember these LinkedIn guidelines to avoid having problems.

Do not send more than 50 invitations per day.

Do not visit more than 300 profiles per day.

Join up to 100 groups in your niche. Test group invitations by sending an invitation to your group to someone who is not one of your 1st level connections. If it works you can send up to 300 group invitations per day. Currently, I am not able to message anyone that is not one of my 1st level connections, and I am still getting one new associate per day. If you have the ability to group message, go for it.

Also, try to avoid using links in your messaging.  Especially in your invitations, your only link should be to your profile.  When you send a group invitation, use only the link to your group.  Anything else may look spammy and will get you in trouble with LinkedIn if someone complains to LinkedIn about it. Once you are 1st connections, you can freely send links, an invitation to Markethive, for example.  Also in your own group, you can have links to Markethinve, as you saw in my group.

Any questions you may have about this, please ask.

Thank you.

John Lombaerde




Prepare for Markethive Sucess The New Vision

Prepare for Markethive Sucess – The New Vison

I love the technology industry, it’s always in motion just like our oceans, and often if you look away for a second, you’ll see that the scene has completely changed, and you may never see the same scene twice.

Within this industry there is the need to always be moving forward, there is a huge pressure to provide something new, customers expect a new version almost every year.

But where does that lead us? Is it possible to maintain high quality and a high degree of innovation at that level? Or is the latest and greatest innovation just an increase in the version number on the box?

For example, if you’re a mobile app software house writing apps for mobile devices, how do you keep up not only with the needs and wants of your customers but also with the constantly changing landscape that is your device base? What worked on last year’s device might not work as well on the new generation. But your customers will expect their “favorite apps” to work just as before when they upgrade their device.

That is both the greatest strength and weakness of the technology industry: the pace of change. Fortunes are found and lost, companies rise and fall, or get gobbled up, in what seems like minutes.

In many ways it’s like a gamblers addiction, it’s exciting and hard to resist, but with some hard work and a lot of good fortune, your well-built little app or game could be the next goldmine or the next productivity app that brings the platform provider to your door to buy you out and embed that functionality in their system.

If you have your own product you need to acutely aware of all of these factors in your development.

We are incredibly fortunate to have Markethive and the long term vision of our CEO, CTO, and the development team. There are so many substantial new additions and features to Markethive that have already been envisioned. In addition to those enhancements already projected, I'm sure that there are many more to come, and some of these may even come from ideas of some of the Markethive members. At the very least our feedback and input are invaluable, as we can already see from the suggestions made for BIX, and it is not even released yet. 

I hope many of you take the viewpoint that Markethive is "our" product.  If you do you will actively promote Markethive on a daily basis. (Which I pointed out in one of my recent posts can be a profitable business in and of itself. You will participate in the News Feed with your comments, your posts, and shares.  I recommend also that you find a way to blog on a regular basis.  In this way, you will find your "voice" here on Markethive. If you have not yet tried the blogging system here in Markethive, it is super simple and quite powerful. You really do not know what you are missing, I highly recommend to write and post often.

Bix is much more than a simple banner exchange. It is a way to bring huge numbers of new business people and entrepreneurs into Markethive.  Make sure you listen to this new video on BIX from Tom Prendergast and you will catch the vision for BIX.


We all need to prepare for the time of success that lies close at hand.

John Lombaerde



What is the value of a Markethive Affiliate?

What is the value of a Markethive Affiliate?

What is a Markethive Affiliate worth? In terms of the benefit to your affiliate, if your affiliate upgrades to entrepreneur one, on this last day of the promotion, it could be worth a small fortune to him. As an entrepreneur, you must know this very well.

 There will be many lucrative upgrade opportunities coming.  But what is the value to you, as an entrepreneur?  I am talking about the dollar value here, actually.  Your affiliate sign up receives 500 Markethive coins and so do you, but what is the value of that Markethive coin?  

How much effort should you spend to find affiliates? Even if you are promoting your own product or service, why should you bother to find new affiliates? First of all, you have a team of affiliates to work with, should you decide on any kind of coop sales or marketing effort.

Is it worth your time and effort or not?  I would like to point out that it is a highly lucrative endeavor, and point out why I firmly believe this is true. 

Now that we have BIX, (Banner Impression Exchange), we have a highly profitable money machine for every entrepreneur. Even if you have no other source of income, (which most of us must have at this point at the beginning of this journey), the income from even one entrepreneur system will very likely be an adequate full-time income for most people.

Supposing you looked at the Markethive coin you receive from bringing in new affiliates as a deposit in a kind of savings account. Since we do not have a method to exchange Markethive coin at present, it is a useful and quite correct analogy.  

If you bring in one affiliate per day, you will be rewarded with 500 Markethive coins. If you leave your coins in your account, you will have no interest in cashing them in immediately when the Markethive Wallet becomes available.  It could be one month from now, it could be longer.

Let's say the Markethive coin will be worth $ 0.10 when the wallet is released.  There will likely be a kind of rush to cash in on their 500 coins by many people new to Markethive.  After all, that is the main reason why many signed up into Markethive in the first place, right?

Supposing you find one affiliate a day for six months and you hang on to your Markethinve for that amount of time. If the price of the Markethinve coin doubles during that time to $0.20 do you realize how much you have made?  After 180 days X 500 coins = 90,000 Markethive coins with a value of 90,000 X $ 0.20 = $ 18,000. Not a bad side hustle in addition to BIX, right?

If you wait another six months, (one year total) until the price of the Markethive coin reaches $ 0.50, (which it very likely will), you will have accumulated 180,000 Markethive coins X $0.50 = $ 90,000. Not bad at all, right?  If the price should go to $ 1.00 you will be jumping up and down with joy, no doubt!

I believe the price of the Markethive coin could easily reach one dollar within one year from the time the wallet is completed, but of course, that is pure speculation.

How much time will you need to invest each day to achieve this kind of result?  By my calculation only about one hour per day, that is all.  Not a bad return on investment for an hour of your time is it?

If you are wondering how to achieve this, you could invest in advertising if you choose, which might work well for you.  Unfortunately, most of the traffic-generating sites are hit or miss and you could waste a lot of your time or your money.

OR you could do this using a free LinkedIn account.  Just join my Original LinkedIn Group and find out what to do.

Click here —–> https://markethive.com/group/linkedin  Please if you have any questions, I am only a message away, please ask.


Thanks for reading this blog post.

John Lombaerde

PS – if you would like to combine manual and automated methods for even greater results for a small monthly fee, let me know and again I will show you how by joining my Original LinkedIn Group.  https://markethive.com/group/linkedin

New York City in the Snow

New York City in the Snow

Have you ever seen New York in the snow?

On normal days,New York is not dissimilar to any other sprawling metropolis dotted around the globe. Compared to some it might have more history, it may look antiquated and quaint. But it has certain similarities to all of them, hundreds of thousands commute into New York for work every day, some may live there, some not, some will socialise there, some not, there are people living and working in New York who grew up there, but most were born somewhere else. There are over 800 languages spoken in New York City. For this reason, New York is often recognized as the world's most linguistically diverse city. 

But when the working day is over, and the people have gone home, you will see the city laid bare, it’s dirty and noisy, sometimes not very well maintained, there are good bits and bad bits. If you were to walk around New York you might think that the city is near to collapsing under the weight of the sins committed by its inhabitants. You might feel that the air pollution is a result not of the cars and trucks and buses but the exhaled breath of the buildings trying to clear their throats, or the souls in the pursuit of capitalism to which they have been subjected. Sometimes it feels that no matter what might change there is no way it could ever get clean again.

The history, the people, the businesses all combine together in a stew of greed and capitalism, similar stews can be found across the globe. But then occasionally something funny happens, something that reminds us all that it is simply a thin veneer, a mask that hides the true city and its people. It’ll snow…

New York in the snow is simply one of the most beautiful and incredible places in the world, even the most hardened of capitalists can be seen shrugging off the business mask and enjoying the sheer beauty that the falling snowflakes bestow upon the city. The news media will always predict the worst when snow hits, and people will stay away, but if you do venture in, you’ll see magic in the making. In the exact same city with added snow you see the true beauty of each person that normally day to day is masked away.

People will stop and gaze at white parks and snowflake encrusted trees and bushes, the whole city will have a glistening sheen across it that seems to promise that all is not lost, magic still lives there and all you have to do is let it in. People might smile easier and forget about the late or non-running trains when the city is graced with white flakes. There is a air of joy and relaxation that isn’t there the rest of the year.

Stop and look around you right now, where you are now, be it at work, at home on a train or plane. Does life feel magical or is it simply one more stressful situation you’re moving through to get to the next one? Wouldn’t you feel happier if you could look around and see fields of pristine white, promising you that everything is new again? That’s what New York in the snow feels like, it feels like a fresh start.

Do we honour it or lead it to ruin? In every situation, think of snow. Be it stressful or anxious, there are reasons to find joy and something to embrace and move forward with. We just have to see those opportunities as beauty and grab them, move forward not from a stressful place but from one of joy and newness, just like New York seems to when it snows…

I don't know why, headed into spring I thought of this.  Maybe it was images of the city with no traffic due to this stay at home period. The streets are empty now as though there had been a snowfall.  But the bustle will not return in a day or two like it does after it snows. There is no sense of when the city might return to it's bustling former life.  There is an eerie shadow hanging over the city right now. Even some billboards in Time Square are now empty.  New York just seems sad right now, almost like it did after 911, except that the rebound was swift and energetic after that tragedy.  This current epidemic is just silently taking hundreds of lives every day, and the statistics are heart and mind numbing.

These images of New York City in the snow are somehow comforting since they were taken under more "normal" circumtances.

The most important thing right now is to remain optimistic, as difficult as that may be. This time will pass, and although the scars still may show for quite a while, we have to believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel.  Just as our faith in God should be unchanging, so should our ultimate optimism be steadfast as a rock.  We believe in a better future because God cannot leave the world as it is.  Ultimately there are enough holy and righteous men and women on the earth that God cannot and will not abandon this earth until we see the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth as it is in Heaven.

Since you are here in Markethive, what should you do during this historical time?

Review these 2 videos below and make your decision to upgrade to entrepreneur one.  This is the best way to insure you and your family's prosperity for now, and well into the future.



Thank you and best success in all of your endeavors!


John Lombaerde



Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Knockin' on Heaven's Door

Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

On YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGB1P1jKIoE

I’m sure you’re familiar with the song ‘Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door’ by Bob Dylan, a truly great classic folk song that has been covered by many musicians over the years.

What you might not know is that it was originally written for the film Pat Garrett and Billy The Kid. The song plays in the scene where Sheriff Colin Baker, an ally of Pat Garret has been shot by Billy the Kid; Baker and his wife are down by a riverside in the final moments of his life and his death actually takes place offscreen.

So you could say that the song is about endings and death, but if you change your thinking slightly you could actually say that it’s also about rebirth and new beginnings – the next step on the universal journey. It might mean starting the life you were always meant to lead, it could be starting that new business or job, bringing on a new set of products or launching into a new business sector. It might be more personal, moving in with a partner, getting married, starting a family. But as with all things, for something new to begin something has to end.

In our lives and our businesses, there will be many deaths and rebirths, old ideas and concepts die hard, but they make way for the new ones. Yes, we could be afraid of change, but that fear isn’t going to stop those changes from coming to pass. So, why not embrace it as something new with the potential to grow?

We started our businesses to change our lives, was it to enrich them? To get away from a scenario that was holding us back? Maybe we wanted to readdress our life/work balance, but in a very real way what we’re all trying to do is get our own little slice of heaven. Where things come together and fit just right.

So here’s the lesson for us – we’re conditioned to see the endings and to be fearful of them, to fight against them, to hold onto what we had before and not let it go, but each and every ending has to happen at exactly that moment for our new beginning to form. Sometimes it might indeed be painful, but it was always going to happen! You can choose to embrace and wallow in pain of loss, or you can choose to take it as a lesson in life, learn from it, analyse its’ cause, absorb it, then consign it to where it has to be… the past. Leave it there and move onto the adventure, the new opportunity, apply the lessons the past have imparted on you and before you know it, the next knocking you hear could very well be you knocking on the door of the heaven you have been seeking to create. As Timon famously told his buddy Pumbaa in Disney's "The Lion King", sometimes you have to put your behind in your past.

I am not sure how many Markethivers realize that with the enterprenur one upgrade this is very much like knockin' on heaven's door right now.  The $ 100 offer is only available until May 1st.  This the door of opportunity knockin' and everyone would be wise to open this door while you can.

It may sound like a pretty bold statement, but never before in the history of internet marketing has there been such an offer.  To either the naiive or uninitiated, it may not look like that.  I understand this. You may have seen so many posts on the newsfeed recently you may think it is hype, but it is certainly not.  Please take a close look at this opportunity before it slips through your fingers, and time runs out.



PS – Here are a couple of fine covers of Bob Dylan's song.  I hope you agree. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mrPHeRvmjqM  (From the french blind auditions of the voice)

Also this cover – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rnKbImRPhTE

You are your own Economy

You are your own Economy

Have you come to this realization yet?

You Are Your Own ‘Economy’

You are the one who will make or break your finances. You are the one who runs your world. You are the one steering your ship – no one else.

We don’t know how long this isolation will last, but it’s an almost sure bet that you have at least 60 days to focus and achieve at least one BIG thing. This could be to add significantly to your bottom line, to produce a hot selling product with a massive launch, to learn a new skill that will pay off in a big way… whatever you want to do, you now have about 2 months to totally focus on it and get it done.

This is your chance to work on your business instead of working in your business. Working in a business is just maintaining it. Working on a business is growing that business.

Most people are going to waste this precious time. Don’t you be one of them!

2 to 12 months from now, things will be getting back to ‘normal,’ whatever that means. It might be a slightly different normal, and that’s okay. We will not devolve into some post-apocalyptic hellscape, so stop watching those kinds of doomsday movies.

Humans have survived pandemics for hundreds of years and likely longer than that. We always survive. We’re kind of like cockroaches that way. Nothing keeps us down for long. This is a brief hiccup in the space-time continuum that will give you stories to tell your grandkids.

Already China is beginning to get back to normal. All of their makeshift hospitals are closed. All 42 Apple stores are reopening. China is reopening theme parks. Cases have dropped sharply in Korea. And all over the world, scientists are working relentlessly to discover which treatments, drugs and vaccines will work against this virus.

Yes, it’s going to get worse in many places before it gets better. But if China and Korea can get out the other side of this, then so can we.

Know that some people have made their FORTUNES during the worst of times. You could be the next one, but only if you turn off Netflix and get busy.

People will be selling things during this entire Covid-19 period. They will be selling day and night. And many of them will indeed make fortunes. Never before have we had so many captive people with so much time on their hands, surfing the net and looking for help, instruction and something to get their minds off what’s going on outside.

You can be reactive and react to what’s happening with a fearful mindset.

Or you can be proactive and lean into what’s happening with a hopeful, optimistic mindset.

With that in mind, here are some tips to help you succeed, whatever your goal might be:

Step 1: Program Your Subconscious

The time to position yourself for massive success when this crisis passes (and it will) is right now.

You’re most likely at home now with extra time, so let’s make the most of it.

The first step is to get your thinking where it needs to be. Focusing exclusively on the news and how terrible the situation it won’t help you to be productive in the slightest.

Limit news intake to once per day. Focus on what you want, not what you don’t want. This is such basic advice, but for most of us, it’s the advice we need right now.

Start feeding your mind positive thoughts both night and day. Did you know that 90% or more of your actions come about because of the programming in your subconscious mind? And that the best way to program your subconscious mind is to do it when you’re sleeping, relaxed, or paying attention to something else?

Find YouTube videos of affirmations that play for hours. Or you can find music that soothes and relaxes you.  My personal favorite is a jazz station WBGO.org that I listen to solely as I work all day every day.

If you’re going to bed, listen loud enough to hear and quiet enough to sleep and let it run.

If you’re awake, play it in the background while you do other things. Again, play it loud enough to hear, but quiet enough that it doesn’t distract you.

It’s amazing the difference this one simple step can make.

Be grateful. Go through your day thinking of all the things you are grateful for. Make lists and read them aloud. Express your gratitude when you wake up and when you go to sleep.

These are such simple things, but over time they make profound changes in how you see the world and how you respond to opportunity in your life.

Step 2: Choose Your Point of View

I’ve heard from some marketers who are afraid to send out a promotion during this period because they’re worried they will look heartless.

I’ve seen other marketers who are taking this opportunity to promote their products as being exactly what people need right now.

Guess which marketers are making money?

If your competition thinks this is the right time to STOP email marketing or marketing of any kind, then that’s all the better for you.

It’s not rocket science to know that if you don’t send out emails and promotions, you don’t get sales. But I also understand that you don’t want to seem like a cold, heartless person who never stops asking for the sale, either.

Basic Email Rule: When it comes to email marketing, more is always better as long as your emails don’t bomb.

While you will want to tailor and even reframe your promotions during this crisis time period it’s important that we first talk about getting your point of view to the right place.

Many, many people have been thrown out of work because of this pandemic. They need help. They need solutions. They even need distractions and entertainment. And most likely, they need YOU.

As I write this, Amazon is looking to hire 100,000 employees as fast as possible. Why are they doing this? Because suddenly the world has gone virtual, and that includes shopping for tangible goods, too.

Are you familiar with direct marketing? We’re talking about sales-letters-in the-mail kind of thing. You don’t see as much of it as pre-internet, but it’s still a huge industry.

And do you know when a direct marketer's favorite time is? A recession. Because during a recession, people are at home with nothing to do but read the mail. These people want diversions, they want help, they want answers.

And if you can give it to them, they will gladly pay.

That is the attitude you need right now; that people WANT what you are offering, assuming it’s a good product that fills a need or desire.

I don’t know what you’re selling, but whatever it is, odds are people either want it or need it right now. Do you sell online marketing info? People the world over have just discovered the importance of having an online income. They need and want what you can offer them.

Do you sell health advice? People the world over suddenly have time to exercise, to learn meditation to calm their nerves, to discover herbs to take for their health, to learn how to eat healthily and so forth. They need your help NOW.

Do you teach a hobby? It doesn’t take long for people to get sick of binging Netflix and want to do something else instead, like learn more about their hobby. In fact, hobbies are much better distractions than television, and healthier, too. What can you teach them now? What product can you offer them that they can consume while they’re waiting for this period out?

You get the point. Whatever it is that you offer, odds are there are folks who want it and need it now, in the middle of a pandemic.

Stop thinking about what people don’t want and start thinking about what they do want.

And for goodness sake, stop thinking that your marketing is somehow intruding on them at a bad time, because this could be the very best time to put your offers in front of them, especially if you add in this next step:


If you are promoting Markethive, and I hope you are, what better time to introduce the possibility of entrepreneurs starting a part-time gig then when they are in a situation where they have been laid off or are underemployed?  We only have a short time now on the super promotional price of entrepreneur one, but that could be exactly the thing that changes a person's entire fortune.

Step 3: Tailor Your Marketing to the Times

People are Scared right now, with a capital “S”. They want answers. They are struggling to find hope. Acknowledge that and talk about that. Tell them you’re scared, too. Be there for them.

Do your prospects or customers need extra attention or hand-holding? Do it. Is there something your prospects need from you to feel you’re there for them? Create it and send it out. It might be as simple as an email that reassures them you are in the same boat they’re in and you’re there to support them.

Be there for your prospects – some of them are terrified right now and need your calming reassurance. Be the person who sends out the friendly, “How are you doing and can I help?” message, not just once, but repeatedly in your messages. Folks will remember that you were there for them long after this crisis has passed.

And they will be much more open to listening to you right now once they know how much you care.

Most of all, be the one who is positive and raises morale among your followers and customers. Right now the media stories and social media posts seem to be 90% or maybe even 98% negative.

People don’t want to be scared all the time. It’s like going to a horror movie that never ends for weeks and months. No one would pay to see that movie, and they sure as heck don’t want to live through it.

Report good news, be positive, stay positive, make others feel positive, and be the force that people can count on to lift them out of this fear that is permeating every facet of life right now.

Back to marketing – tailor your offerings to the situation. For example, if you sell “how to make money online” products, talk about how they’ve temporarily lost their job, and wouldn’t it be great if they had an online income? Well here’s how they can do that.

If you sell health products, let them know this is the perfect opportunity to turn their health around, because without health, what do we have?

If you teach how to attract dates, tell them this is the time to study and become a pro at it, and when this crisis is over they’ll have more dates than they know what to do with.

While this is a global crisis, this is also perhaps the biggest opportunity of your life to help others. And that is exactly how you’ve got to look at this. You are not selling them stuff, you are helping them.

Yes, the end result is the same, but the path you take looks significantly different.

What can you do right now to best help your audience? You probably already know the answer. Now it’s just a matter of keeping your head in the right place and doing it.

Step 4: Have a goal bigger than yourself

This goes right along with what we’ve been saying… this is about helping your customers, not about you making sales. Don’t get me wrong, because I want you to make lots of money. But the best way to do it is to focus on helping and serving and that’s all the time, not just during pandemics.

What’s your goal? How about to help 1,000 people to do “X” in the next 3 months? If your niche is online marketing, your goal can be to help 1,000 people set up $500 a month recurring income. If your niche is health, your goal could be to help 2,000 people lose 10 pounds, or whatever.

Choose a goal that resonates with you. It should preferably be something that excites you so much, you can’t wait to get out of bed to work on it.

NOTE: It’s perfectly okay to have TWO interrelated goals. For example, to help 1,000 people start $500 a month recurring incomes, and for you to make “X” amount of money doing it. In fact, I recommend it.

Step 5: Exercise.

Yes, exercise, every single day. I know this is a weird thing to put into a list of things to do to build your business, but it’s as important as anything else here.

Find exercise videos on YouTube, such as yoga, bodyweight exercises, and so forth, and make it a practice to work out every single day. If it’s allowed where you live, go for a walk, too. Just stay well away from anyone else you might encounter. If you say hello to them, do it from at least 6 feet away.

If you don’t work out every day, you’ll go a little crazy. Your mind won’t work as well, you’ll be more inclined to watch TV than work on your goal, and when all of this is over you’ll find your thinking is fuzzy, your creativity is poor and you may have even gained a few pounds, too.

You are the architect of your reality. You. YOU. Not the people on the news. Not the government. Not the latest pandemic numbers or stock numbers or whatever the latest negative informaion in the news. You determine what happens in your life over these coming weeks.

5.5: Let the Pandemic do Your Marketing For You

Now it’s time to really have fun with this crisis. Yes, I said fun. When someone gets 50 emails screaming the world is ending and one email from you with 10 jokes about washing their hands, which one will they open?

The trick is to find ways to use the pandemic in your marketing. This is something that you will likely never, ever get to do again, so make the most of it.

I’m going to jot down a few ideas here, and hopefully you will take the ball and run with it.

• Hand washing jokes

• Pandemic jokes (in good taste)

• Isolation jokes (notice a theme here? Humor will get your emails opened and read right now, I guarantee it.)

• Beware of this pandemic scam

• 5 pieces of good coronavirus news (you can send this daily)

• How (Company X) is taking care of their laid-off employees

• 5 pandemic heroes you’ve personally met (super market employees, etc.)

• 103-year-old Chinese woman fully recovers from coronavirus

• 10 reasons to be happy about this crisis

• Feeling lonely because of social distancing? Free 15 minute coaching chat with your purchase

• 45 healthy adults test first Coronavirus Vaccine

Positive news is a great way to start an email right now.

And if you’re wondering how you’ll transition from the news to your own marketing, just use a simple line such as, “And here’s more good news…” or “To celebrate this great piece of news, I’m going to…”

Okay, there you have it. The bottom line is that you get to choose how you respond to this crisis, and what you do during your time of isolation.

Of course, do not fail to upgrade to entrepreneur one if you haven't already.






Reflections on Marketing during a Pandemic

Reflections on Marketing during a Pandemic

There is no denying these are challenging times for everyone.

The country you live in matters little. Everyone has been affected one way or another by this global pandemic.

Some are just trying to survive, and are so worried for the future that is all they can handle on a day by day basis.

Others may be eating popcorn and watching Netflix all day.  This is not a joke, I'm sure there are such people out there, even without taking a survey.

I think we should use this time for personal reflection, and to make our entrepreneurial plans for the short and long term future. It will certainly be a competitive environment for the entrepreneur since there will be many more entrepreneurs out there following the taming of the Covid-19 virus. Some will choose entrepreneurship, others will become entrepreneurs by necessity.

I have to admire the restaurants that are continuing to serve food only to go. They are adapting and not giving up in the midst of a crisis. Especially those restaurants serving food to first responders. From a business point of view it may not look wise to give away food, but where do you think those first responders will go first to eat when this is is all over?  When other restaurants are closed, don't you think those owners who manage to stay open are gaining the utmost respect and gratitude from their employees?

Also, don't you think those restaurants serving free food will be entitled to take a massive tax deduction this year? Although I doubt that is the first thing they thought of when they made their decision to serve free food.

Right now it is clear the virus is controlling us, not the other way around, but that is only in the short-term.  The entire worldwide scientific is working furiously at finding a solution to this worldwide scourge. That it why it is so important to use this time productively to make your plans. Never in our lifetimes have we been given such an amount of time to reflect and plan, and perhaps we never will again.

Although we may be headed into a recession, a lot of people lose money and a few people become millionaires or even billionaires. These are the folks who recognize that with great challenge comes great opportunity, and with great adversity comes the potential for gains not seen in good times.

It’s up to you. We can choose to be victims or we can become crisis entrepreneurs and learn to thrive during this time.


I remember quite a long time ago, when there was a gas crisis going on in the US.  No not the one during Hurricane Sandy.  And no not the one in the 70's either.  I am talking about the gas price wars in the early sixties. I am dating myself here, I know.

People were listening to the news, and they feared the collapse of the economy, deflation, inflation, war with the Soviet Union, just about everything was going crazy.  The average price of gas across the country was $ 0.49 cents a gallon, but in some states, the price was as little as $ 0.23 or $ 0.24 cents a gallon.  What did my Dad do during this uncertain situation?  He took my family on a vacation and drove to Florida. Even with the gas-guzzling cars of that time, it was surprising how far you could go on a tankful of gas at $ 0.23 a gallon.


So with the idea of taking advantage of the time we are in, everyone here in Markethive needs to consider whether the upgrade to entrepreneur one is a good idea at this time,, (before May 1st).  It is not a good idea.  It is a great idea. This opportunity will never come around again. When someone knocks on the door of opportunity it pays to open it, and now is the time to do exactly that. 

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Would you like a suit of armor – courtesy of Markethive?

Would you like a suit of armor – courtesy of Markethive?


In medieval times, valiant knights went forth into battle in great suits of Iron and precious metals. These suits were primarily for protection from spears, swords and arrows of course, but also, they told the battlefield that here was a warrior, the more richly detailed the armour, often the greater the warrior. In many ways, it was very pretentious. And from a tactical standpoint often foolhardy, these knights were normally the better trained and more experienced in the ranks and highlighting themselves in such a way, made them a much readier target for their enemy. But that structure was used for hundreds of years.

In our lives and businesses, we wrap many things in suits of armour, in our lives, it might be our hearts or our fears, in our businesses it could be our products or our strategy, our personnel or partners, the things we are afraid to lose or that we fear could damage our livelihoods if affected negatively.

But as much as a suit of armour can provide a form of protection, it can also weigh us down, you certainly wouldn’t go swimming in one for example. The nature of Internet based businesses is that they are highly fluid, you have the ability to react to changing markets and trends very quickly, but if you weigh yourself down in a corporate suit of armour, you sacrifice that agility.

Too often, I have seen small businesses struggling because the people starting them have stayed true to the mentality that they got by working for large corporations. We all started our businesses to get away from that structure, from those limitations, so why are we injecting the same principals back into our own businesses?

Everyone likes to have a feeling of stability, it is in our nature to yearn for that, safety and security are the basic tenants that we are first taught as children. But agility can also be a form of security, being able to react quickly, to realign your goals and tasks to changing markets and requirements they can provide greater protection for your business than the more stoic and clung to processes.

Don’t look to pick just one or the other though, in effect build yourself a hybrid hat encompasses the tenants of both, partly strong and heavy, and partly lighter and more manoeuvrable. Much like a wise seasoned warrior would tailor his armour to fit the battle and conditions he will be fighting in, tailor your business for your chosen battlegrounds.

This balance between nimble and strong is precisely what the entrepreneur one upgrade in Marketive gives you.  You benefit from the strength of Markethive's Alexa rank.  This kind of traffic is huge and unprecedented, AND, it is only growing stronger by the day.

You have the ultimate flexibility to use that traffic to promote your own product or service, OR you can join the banner exchange where you can sell the impressions, (which are 150,000 per month), on an open exchange for whatever you feel they are worth.

Either way, your income is all but guaranteed, the choice is yours.

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