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What is the Purpose of the Markethive News Feed


What is the purpose of the Markethive News Feed?  Let me get philosophical for one minute. This is the way I look at it.  

The Markethive News Feed should be used:

To inspire, To uplift, To encourage, To bring joy, To inform, To educate, and To promote. 

If you only focus on promotion, promotion, promotion, you will not find many friends here and may actually lose more friends than you gain.  
If instead, you focus on the first six items, and only after that on the seventh, (promotion), you will gain many friends and everyone will 
be happy to read your promotional post when it comes along.  What do you think of this News Feed philosophy?  Please let me know.




John Lombaerde


LinkedIn Marketing Using Groups

LinkedIn Marketing using Groups

Did you ever wonder how the groups on a social network like LinkedIn get so large? How do groups with thousands of members get so big? The simple answer I have found is that they grow slowly by 10 or 20 members a day over a period of time. After only a year of growing at this rate you could have 3k, 4k or even 5k members in your group.

I have a group on LinkedIn that is well on its way to nearly 1,000 members that is growing every day. (I only started promoting the group about 4 months ago). A consistent percentage of those members have become Markethive associates. Especially those of you who are Entrepreneur One, do you realize what the income potential is if you gain hundreds of new associates? There is no better time than now in advance of the release of the Markethive wallet to gain new associates. Visit the following links to find out how to do this on a regular basis. You are also welcome to message me and set up a Skype call.