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The Most Amazing Marketing Software Ever

The Most Amazing Marketing Software Ever

Now if that is the title to your blog post, you better have something pretty incredible to talk about, right?

Hang with me through to the end of this post, and you will not be disappointed, I promise you.


Now you probably have heard the expression, "the money is in the list", right?  There are internet marketers who literally spend thousands of dollars in advertising, opt-in offers, SEO, and all kinds of social media marketing methods to acquire lists of potential buyers. These efforts are not in vain, they are well-honed marketing methods by some very savvy marketers if they have become successful at acquiring prospects, whatever method they use.

Bear with me for a second here, while I diverge a bit.  Do you know who your competition is?  Let's say you are a business coach, do you know who the most successful business coaches are in that market?  You can simply Google "best business coach" to find out, right?  This goes for any niche, whether you are a network marketer, an MLM person in the health market, a personal trainer, a cryptocurrency trader, or any of the myriad of niches out there, (and there are thousands). You should know this information for your own business.

Supposing you could acquire their entire social media following on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn? You could then follow everyone in their network. It is common for many people to automatically follow people who begin to follow them, right? In the case of LinkedIn, how would you like to automatically send an invitation to everyone that is a 1st level connection of one of your competitors, so that you could communicate with them and message them?

Just think about this for a minute. How valuable would that be?  It would be very valuable information would it not?

If you could do nearly instant research on one of your competitors you are connected to on LinkedIn, how valuable would the following information on them be?

Take a look at the screenshot above.  You have the titles of the kinds of people they connect with on the left. On the right, you have a list of the top 10 groups of which this particular connection, (one of your competitors), is a member.  All of the groups of which they are a member are listed on the upper right, and common groups of which you are a member are listed on the lower right.

Imagine that this is the software that would also automatically allow you to follow all of your competitor's Instagram and Twitter followers and also invite your competitors 1st level connections on LinkedIn?

Now imagine that this software is totally free?  You would probably ask me what's the catch, right?  Everyone knows there is no such thing as a free lunch. Btw, do not pay attention to the tabs on the screenshot above, they are not part of the free version.

Ok, so here is the catch.  I am giving you this software, (called Success Spy as you can see from the screenshot above), so you will buy lists of followers and connections from me.  This means complete lists of your competitor's Instagram followers, Twitter followers, and all of their LinkedIn 1st level connections.

Now you are going to ask me how much would this list cost?  I think you know how valuable it would be to have thousands of these acquired leads.  The answer is I am willing to sell them very, very inexpensively to Markethive members. The price will start very, very, very low, and will only rise if I have trouble keeping up with the workload, but I really do not think that is going to be a problem.

If I could send you this kind of list of say 10,000 follows and connections of one of your competitors for $ 100.00 would that work for you? That is exactly one penny per lead. Of course, if you only want 1,000 of their followers and connections, it would only cost $ 10.00.  Please do not send me a request for less than 1,000 followers and connections.  Thanks. I think it would be a great idea for you to pick up this free software and give this service a whirl, even if you only spend $ 10.00 or $ 20.00 to test it out.

I can assure you that there is no one, and I mean no one anywhere that will provide this kind of information at this price.  If you find someone willing to do this for less, let me know, and your list will be free.

This software will be available very soon on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please leave your comment below if you are interested, and I will provide the link for you as soon as it is available.  Even if you do not buy acquired leads from me, the software is free for you to use in your market research as a gift from me to you.

Thanks for reading this post.  I am excited about taking this journey together.  I am very sure we can help each other to gain great prosperity.


John Lombaerde

God Bless you and God Bless Markethive – the best inbound marketing method on the Internet




Top 10 Features of MarketHive’s Inbound Marketing Platform

MarketHive's inbound marketing platform delivers enterprise class internet marketing tools coupled with a vibrant social network…all for free!

inbound marketing tools

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, (not opportunity seekers), MarketHive is the solution to all your entrepreneurial, inbound marketing challenges.

MarketHive is the result of over 20 years of online experience dating back to when the internet was at its infancy. Thomas Prendergast a 40 year marketing veteran, and 25 year internet marketing veteran has built the most powerful Marketing Automation platform (known as Inbound Marketing) for the little gal and guy, like you. MarketHIve is a cutting edge inbound marketing platform that combines the power and techniques of inbound marketing with that of a vibrant social neural network of entrepreneurs from around the world. With the ability to broadcast your message to 10's of millions of social accounts, you will dominate your business niche in record time. No other inbound marketing platform provides this kind of reach or interaction with an integrated entrepreneurial community and all the marketing tools you need right at your fingertips. Not HubSpot, Not Pardot, Not Marketo. Not InfusionSoft!

The Benefits of MarketHive's Inbound Marketing Platform

1. Social interaction on the same platform: While you are utilizing the tools of MarketHive, you can converse, message and communicate with like minded entrepreneurs from around the globe within the same platform. You do not have to leave you inbound marketing website and jump onto a Facebook group to ask questions, provide feedback or inspire others. With a familiar social interface, you will feel right at home in MarketHive! 

2. Integrated Blogging Platform: Most inbound marketing platforms provide many of the same tools, email capabilities, capture page technology, CRM and the list goes on. With MarketHive you have a powerful blogging platform available at the push of a button. Write you blog, then with the MarketHive WordPress plugin RSS you blog post to as many WordPress blogs as you desire.Swipe blogs from other like minded entrepreneurs to use as guest posts on your own blog, providing your readers additional insights into your specific niche. Or allow persons you are aligned with on MarketHive that have the same interests to automatically post to your blog as they post to their blog. 

3. Capture and Lead Pages: MarketHive puts the power to capture lead without having to pay a monthly fee to have lead pages. You have the ability to modify an impressive set of capture pages or, if you love to code, develop your own custom page. 

4. Capture widgets that are state of the art, 1 click and you get the full profile of your prospect who is registering. One click, full name (real name), real email address and the Social Network they confirmed with to register account. This is forward thinking, advanced marketing technology, priceless and no cost to you. 

5. Email Marketing, Autoresponders & Lead Management: No marketing platform is complete without an email platform. Again MarketHive provides the most deliverable email marketing system available anywhere. Set up a capture page to develop a lead and then drip information to that lead building a relationship of trust. Don't forget to call your prospect. Nothing takes the place of speaking directly to them. You want to segment you list? MarkHive provides this functionality. Divide your leads into groups and send a broadcast email when you have important information, a great idea to share or just want to say, “Hi!” 

6. Marketing Campaign Management:  MarketHive gives you a complete set of campaign marketing tools to help you develop wining marketing campaigns:

  • Vendor Records Management
  • Group Marketing Co-Op
  • Tiny URL Tracking
  • Website Rotators
  • Asset Maps to track your website real estate
  • Keyword Analysis
  • Backlink Tracking

This module alone will benefit you by helping you organize, track and work with your entrepreneurial group in swarming the internet with you message and product. 

7. Advertising: Do you have a product or service you wish to get out to the masses? MarketHive offers unprecedented packages at far less rates than any other social network. Plus, you have the option to become a paid member and receive millions of advertising credits to use as you wish. In addition, the more you participate in MarketHive, posting valuable content, sharing content, commenting and the like, you will receive additional advertising credits. And even better, they never expire! 

8. Video Integration: Integrate all your videos from YouTube directly into MarketHive to share directly with your group and entrepreneurial friends. 

9. Ongoing Live and Recorded Training Workshops: We will teach you how to set ups your blog to maximize your swarm broadcasting to millions of entrepreneurs using social media 

10. Thousands of entrepreneurs, at your fingertips for collaboration, sharing information, helping and bee-friending. Other inbound marketing platforms like Aweber, Getresponse, HubSpot, Pardot, charge from $200 per month to $10,000 per month and more. MarketHive (The powerful Marketing Automation Platform by Prendergast) is 100% free. MarketHive makes its revenue from Advertising and then pays you up to 50% commissions on that revenue. Advertising runs about $100 per day. The tools are powerful and the preceeding list gives you an idea of the comprehensive sophistication that makes MarketHive a powerful inbound marketing platform to Internet marketers, entrepreneurs, etc. like myself.

If you believe that my message is worth spreading, please use the share buttons if they show on this page.

Stephen Hodgkiss
Chief Engineer at MarketHive


Alan Zibluk Market Hive Founding Member

It has been a long road for Markethive .. what is next?

The road has been long, with many obstacles. It has been an emotional journey for many of us involved in Markethive. After becoming involved with Veretekk about 4-5 years ago, I knew that the concept and vision of Markethive was a sure fired winner.

There is no argument that it has taken time and had various delays brought on by certain things that I will not go into now .. why? … because I need to concentrate my energy into building Markethive and not worry about the issues. 

Until just 3 months ago, I was just one of the Founders of Markethive, having invested hard cash into its conception and my own time being a pro-active member. I then took on the role of Chief Engineer, to see Markethive not just to its completion, but to make sure that the systems are built on sound foundations. Many issues have been fixed during these 3 months, many enhancements have been made and I am very close to moving the whole system that is running on servers hosted by one company to Amazon Web Services. The latter is a huge task, mainly due to the way it was configured and how the code was written. For example there are 4000 files containing code, which equates to around 2 million lines of code.

I have recruited server admins, PHP coders etc… only to waste time with them and for them to disappear. Frustrating to say the least, but this is the process we must go through. To sift through the dirt and dust to find the nuggets of gold .. which I am sure I will.

What's next?

The next big enhancement will be the Affiliate Programme. This will be a game changer … now how many times have i heard those claims from companies? .. well I can tell you .. far too many. We are different in so many ways, mainly due to the people involved and their passion .. in helping the little guy and gal to succeed and prosper… not just financially but also as a person.

Well I am working on a new way of sharing blog posts (along with RSS Cocktails of blog posts) with members Social Media accounts. Once configured within Markethive, blog posts will seamlessly be shared across their networks, creating far more exposure than ever seen.

I am also working on a Newsletter Subscription system. We know that every blog needs to deliver its message to subscribers. That's why I am creating HivesFeed RSS-to-Email (and eventually integrated with the above enhancement), the reliable solution for bloggers with BIG ambitions.

There are two important things all bloggers need to do…

1. Write great content.
2. Share that content.

HivesFeed helps you to share your content easily, effortlessly and continuously.

We take your RSS feed and enable its distribution.

So there you have it .. that is my own perspective on what we have to look forward to. Here's to a great a future.

If you believe that my message is worth spreading, please use the share buttons if they are visible on this page.

Stephen Hodgkiss
Chief Engineer at MarketHive


Alan Zibluk Market Hive Founding Member